Top 10 foods that must be included in your diet.

Food plays an important role in the overall development of an individual and strengthen the immune system of body to fight against disease and infection causing organisms . Food satisfy the needs for the growth of body in a progressive manner and when people crave for something to fill the stomach they wonder about food.

Not all food is suitable for person and are not good choice to be included in diet such as the high calorie value food should be avoided if you are looking for slim and sexy figure otherwise if you are bodybuilder then it should be your top priority to include such high calorie food in your diet. Avoid including excess sugar content, processed food, and refined flours to prevent damage to your healthy body system.


Here is a list of 10 foods that must be included in your diet to keep you fit and strong :-

  1. Apples
  2. Oranges
  3. Strawberry
  4. Ice berg lettuce
  5. Watermelons
  6. Spinach
  7. Celery
  8. Grapefruits
  9. Zucchini
  10. Coconut

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Let us check one by one :-

1. Apple 

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A fruit which is available throughout the year in our near fruit stalls and grocery stores and a well known proverb taught from the childhood days ” to keep away doctor, doctor suggests us to eat an apple everyday”, because it consist of healthy polyphenol antioxidants necessary for overall development.So that means apple is loaded with the vitamins and minerals and it has a long and extensive list of health benefits.

It has 84 % water content and is rich in high fiber content “pectin” it improves the metabolic functions and digestive system of body and it also regulate body’s blood sugar levels by regulating the release of sugar. It also strengthens bone density and keeps skin healthy.

Apple is loved by the people of all age groups and its a perfect snack to much on any time in day and is consumed in variations of dishes made out of it such as apple smoothie with dry fruits, apple pie with ice cream, apple muffins, apple jam.

Green apple are also high in fiber and health benefits too. Green apple chutney and red apple and green apple saute in chaat masala is mostly made out of it and eaten and that tastes amazing.

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2. Orange

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Mediterranean fruit and is highly cultivated in the region of Nagpur. Found from the late winters throughout summers and highly rich in vitamin C. Oranges comes in citrus family due to its tangy and refreshing flavor.

They are high in fiber content and has 87% water content and have the healing properties associated with a wide rang of phytonutrient compounds. These phytonutrients include citrus flavanones(types of flavonoids that include the molecules hesperetin and naringenin), anthocyanins, hydroxycinnamic acids, and a variety of polyphenols.

Antioxidant properties of the fruit is well understood when these phytonutrients are studied in combination with oranges—vitamin C. Orange juice is highly beneficial in decreasing the risk of calcium oxalate kidney stones. May prevent from ulcer and reduce the risk of stomach cancer.It also improves the eyesight of an individual and keeps them healthy.

It also improves the cardiovascular diseases and lowers the cholesterol level. It helps in weight management and weight loss journey. It keeps rejuvenating your skin cells to make it look like just as during youthful times and also boosts immune system and may prevent from rheumatoid arthritis.

Generally consumed fresh after peeling off the outer layer or in juice form (not the packaged bottled drinks), in salads and sometime make orange flavor ice cream to make your children to love them orange.

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3. Strawberry


The exotic fruit and sometimes called “Queen of the fruits”. Its bright pink or red color attracts you and hence increase your appetite. It has 90% water content and outside red fleshy edible part.

Strawberries are considered good for skin treatments like may be effective on skin irritation and giving glow to your skin. It has good amount of fiber content, folic acid, manganese and potassium and are excellent source of vitamin C and K. The red color of strawberry is due to phyto nutrients and flavonoids present in it.

They help in teeth whitening and regulating blood sugar levels by slowing down the digestion and keeps you full for longer time period. Strawberries can be added in ice creams, jelly, candy, in cheese cakes embellish with thin slices of sweet strawberries. Strawberry shakes are most preferred during hot summer season.

Strawberries are mostly used in cosmetics industry as to make facial foams, lip balms, lipsticks, natural blush powders and many more cosmetic products.

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4. Ice berg lettuce


Also called as head lettuce or crisp head lettuce. In India is popularly called as Salad Ke Patte in Hindi. The green leafy veggie is usually seen in food items like burgers, sandwiches, and wraps. In western country the trend of adding lettuce in every part of meal can be seen farther when compared to Indian subcontinent part. Four types of lettuce is grown in India and all the four has different flavors of taste and on the basis of texture of the leaves and radial patterns of green and red color on leaf base makes them easily distinguishable. Here goes the names –

  • Romaine or cos – Classic green salad and has sweet and crunch taste.
  • Losse leaf (Red and Green leaf) – has delicate leaves and has soft taste like it melts in your mouth.
  • Butter head – large green leaves that are soft and sweet.
  • Ice berg lettuce – crisp texture and white on the inside and moderate / mild taste. It has immense number of health benefits, first and foremost is that it has low calorie content, around 13 kcal for 100 gm and fill your stomach if eaten as salad and dressing it Tabasco sauce or mayo.

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Other health benefits are –

  • reduces anxiety, and improves sleeping disorder,
  • manages weight,
  • prevents the growth of cancerous cells,
  • managed blood sugar as it has low GI value,
  • good antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids as it has 30 times more powerful antioxidant fighting against diseases.
  • has immense number of vitamins and mineral such as potassium, vitamin K,
  • phosphorous content, magnesium and other trace elements.
    So start including lettuce in your diet .

5. Watermelon


Watermelons have great amount of water content over 90-92% and is considered a good source of hydrating agent in scorching hot summers and also acts in prevention against heat strokes due to presence of good amount of natural electrolytes like fructose in higher concentration then glucose and potassium and many more micro nutrients respectively.

Watermelons are seasonal fruits grown in sandy or desert part of the country and are native to West Africa and are part of the oldest ancient Egyptian civilization. The only fruit where each part has nutritional value and can be included in healthy diet but in moderate quantity, like the seeds are rich in fiber and good fats and has benefit in lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes (only when consumed in recommended amount), checks obesity and it also promotes growth of healthy split end free hairs.

If you love your skin and take care of it then you cannot resist to have watermelons during summer seasons because it has antioxidants and and are source of lycopene; carotenoid phytonutrient, also found in tomatoes and the red carotenoid pigment present in it imparts bright red color to tomato and watermelon and other minor phytonutrients ,flavonoids, carotenoids, and triterpenoids are also present respectively.

Lycopenes are effective in lowering blood pressure. It keeps skin soft and glowing. It is considered one of the best snacks eaten guilt free. 1 serving slice has only 10 calories in it. You can have watermelon smoothie after your workout. Watermelon fruit chaat sprinkled with chaat masala is enjoyed in evening time.

Popsicles are loved by children and a popular & tasty, ice crushed flavored watermelon is favorite during summer time in Philippines and Thailand. It has sufficient amount of vitamin A and vitamin C as they have properties of improving eye sight and wound healing respectively. It aids to improve digestive system and boost immunity of body.

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6. Spinach


A low calorie veggie and a super food and is excellent source of vital minerals required by the body. It is the only cheapest vegetable with wide range of nutrients present in those soft delicate leaves.

These are cultivated during winter seasons and requires low temperature and dew to have good yield. Spinach is blessed with nutritional factors which benefits in lowering blood pressure due to the presence of good potassium content and promotes healthy hair growth, improves respiratory disorders, being rich in calcium strengthens the bone and it is highly recommended for anemic person to consume daily to increase folic acid mineral.

One thing should be kept in mind eating raw spinach can lead to accumulation of stones in kidney as it has a chemical component present oxalate which easily binds with the calcium present in saliva or derived from dairy products can form crystals.

Forming of crystals can be avoided if vitamin C rich fruits (oranges or kiwi) are eaten followed by spinach, and it is best consumed when it gets cooked for sometime on heat to reduce the functioning of oxalate.

Various healthy recipes of spinach are made in simple steps, such as salad that has combination of spinach and one citrus fruit, spinach smoothie, spinach pan fry served with omelets. So include spinach in your diet daily for healthy functioning of brain so that you made a good choice between good and bad.

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7. Celery


Green leafy veggie and its small oval shaped rings of stalks is seen in the soup giving it a mouth tempting look and its crunchy flavors enhance the taste of soup even more. Each part of celery is edible. Seeds, leaves and stalks are highly nutritious.

The best fact about the celery is that it is a single basket full of all the essential vitamins and minerals that makes functioning our body properly. It consists of calcium, magnesium and potassium that is very helpful in lowering in blood pressure.

Celery is abundant reserves of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Fiber, proteins and folates. vitamin K improves blood clotting and vitamin A improves eye sight related problems. Celery seeds are rich in anti microbial properties fighting against bacterial infection, Celery acts as body detoxifying agent and prevents from liver diseases, also helps in weight loss.

It prevents from bloating and improves digestion by treating water retention. It is a good to fight against cancerous cell and keeping cancer at its bay. It prevents women from UTIs . Celery smoothies topping with chia seeds are is a good pre or post workout drinks.

Celery mostly preferred in salads and adding orange juice giving a refreshing and tangy flavor can be good choice in lunch time.

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8. Grapefruit


Tangy flavor and rich in vitamin C and presence of Phyto-chemicals- lycopene found in pink grapefruit and beta-carotene in red variety as well as limonoids – limonin and flavonoids – naringenin contribute in promoting growth. Grapefruits are considered as the best fruit and was given in the lists of food the title” food that fights cancer” by the American cancer research institutes.

Grapefruits can be a good help in reduction of those extra unwanted cellulite in body by the help of enzyme bromelain used to break down cellulite. Grape juice helps you in reverting into your original slim body by burning those extra kilos.

The mechanism behind this work like this, an organic compound found in grapefruit called nootkatone appears to activate a key enzyme AMPK( Activated protein kinase) & encourages body energy producing glucose uptake process to boost metabolism and later on gradually it results in weight loss and it also increases insulin resistance.

AMPK is activated during exercise time to help muscles use the stored sugar and fat for energy. It also contains bioflavanoids which helps in immunity boost. Grapefruits are sufficed with vitamin C and antioxidants and helps in replenishing collagen also called as building blocks of skin. It also contains beta carotene which act as showing anti ageing effect.

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9. Zucchini


The big gourds are usually called marrow. Zucchini might have been first used in American restaurants but its name clearly reflects to have developed in Italy. It is revered in French as courgettes. Zucchini are green and yellow color vegetable and can be grown up to the size of 1m and more but it is considered of inferior quality in terms of taste and texture.

It is high in quality and great in taste when plucked in immature state. Zucchini are very popular in western and south east Asian nations but its struggles in India. Now a days in Punjab, it is being cultivated and dishes are found in sumptuous restaurants. Zucchini is full of health benefits and its flowers are also eaten.

Zucchini is a s quash which improves cardiovascular health as it is rich in magnesium and potassium and has good amount of fiber content and folate mineral. Vitamin C found in it helps in lowering the LDL level and preventing the oxidation of cholesterol value. It has all the components of B-vitamins like Thiamine, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, and calcium and phosphorous and is also a good source of omega 3 fatty acids, copper, zinc. Copper aids in reducing the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Zucchini may be effective in treating an ailment in men called BPH or Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy. BPH is a condition where the prostate gland becomes enlarged in an odd shape and size, hence cause trouble in both sexual and urinary function.Zucchini is said to be extremely useful in decreasing BPH symptoms, especially in combination with other nutrients that contain phytonutrients.

So start consuming Zucchini in making mixed vegetable curry and Zucchini dips are can be good side dish combined with home made potato chips.

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10. Coconut


Coconuts are the beauty of South India grown in coastal regions and are grown in Hawaiian Islands and south of the Florida. Coconut is also known by different names as ‘Nariyal’ in Hindi, ‘Kobbari Bondam’ in Telugu, ‘Tenkay’ in Tamil, ‘Karikkin’ in Malayalam, ‘Thengina Kai’ in Kannada, ‘Narikelera’ in Bengali and ‘Narikelam’ in Sanskrit.

Coconut is a common household ingredient found in the refrigerator of every random house. Coconut white tender meat is eaten raw and various dish are made from it. Though high in saturated fat content they are still considered as super food as it promotes healthy hair growth and provides moisture to skin.

Coconut oil can be a alternative to daily mustard oil as it is full of nutrients, aids in digestion and considered light in volume when compared to former. Coconut water are the best drink after workout as it replenishes the body with lost nutrients as it is a good source of carbs, fibers and protein and makes you feel refreshed after such exhausted gym session. Want to lose weight drink tender coconut water as it makes you full for longer time period.

Various cosmetics and beauty industry uses coconut as key ingredients in body lotions, hair oil, moisturizer and can be considered a good make up remover when your are out costly makeup products.

Grated coconuts are best served in garnishing the food items and various sweet dishes are made out of it as my favorite one laddoos. Coconut milk is able to manage pcod condition and is very tasty and used in making curry thick and creamy.

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The list of 10 foods contains almost all the essential components and minerals that will keep you a active person and gives you a glowing skin, improves your digestive system, improves your metabolic rate, lowers the risk for disease related to diabetes type 2, vanishing all your joint pains and back pains, heart strokes, boost immune system and most important it keeps you on track of maintaining weight and adds more life hence increase in life expectancy rate to enjoy you the beauty of life, thinking yourself still as youth.

So, avoid taking distance to food trucks or fast food restaurants and keep treating yourself by making and creating innovative dishes by using above 20 food ingredients.

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