Recipe for sambhar vada

Sambhar and vadas are the one of the core dishes of South Indian cuisines. They are the signature dishes of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka.

It is considered a full and wholesome breakfast meal and add all the required macros to body. Its a unique combination of fried oval shaped urad dal batter filled with spice and onion, chilis, ginger which gave them a subtle flavor and has a hole in centre. Sambhar is made up from a number of variety of veggies such as brinjal, tomato, pumpkin, potato, bottlegourd, and the star ingredient drumstick and the fresh aromatic spices of South India when added, it plays a vital role in making sambhar “an authentic sambhar” and tanginess of tamarind or kokam gives a blastful of flavors in the mouth and takes you to the journey of heaven. So lets make the recipe of sambhar vada.

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Key ingredients :-

1. Mixed pulses. (Chana dal, Mung dal, arhar dal)

2. Spices (turmeric & coriander powder) and condiments.

3. Urad dal (1cup) soaked overnight.

4. Salt.

5. Onion ( 1 large)

6. Brinjal ( 1 long)

7. tomato (1 large)

8. pumpkin(1 cup)

9. potato(1 cup)

10. bottlegourd(1 cup)

11. drumstick (1 cup)

12. Black mustard seeds (1 teaspoon)

13. Curry leaves (15-20)

14. Red chilies (4-5)

15. Green chilis (3-4)

16. Grated Coconut(1/2 cup)

17. Tamarind paste (1teaspoon)

18. Coconut oil (as per requirement)

19. Everest sambhar masala.

20. Asafetida (hing powder)

Preparation of Sambar Vada :-

1. Chopped all the veggies into big chunks of square shape i.e. brinjal, tomato, pumpkin, potato, bottlegourd, and drumstick and boiled them with mix pulses in pressure cooker for 1/2 hour.

2. Now grind the overnight soaked urad dal in mixer to make thick consistent batter.

3. Fine chopped the green chilis, ginger, onions.

4. Now mix the finely chopped green chilis, ginger, onions into the batter and spices and salt to taste.

Making of the recipe :-

1. Took coconut oil (approx 200ml)into large frying vessel or kadahi and heat it.

2. Now make the shape of vada with the batter by the help of your hands, as the batter may be sticky you can use little bit oil to graese your palms.

3. Fry tha vada in hot oil and take out when it turns into golden brown color on tissue paper, and fry the remaining batter in same way.

4. After frying all the vada keep them aside and cover them with lid.

5. Now for sambhar making,

  • Take out mix pulses and boiled veggies in big bowl from the pressure cooker.

6. Tadka making

  • Heat the oil in pressure cooker and add curry leaves, red chilis, and mustard seeds, and a pinch of asafetida powder till it get light brown color.

7. Now add the boiled mixture of the bowl into pressure cooker and add some spices, salt, everest sambhar masala, grated coconut and tamarind paste and cover the lid for 10 minutes.

8. Now your sambhar is ready to serve with vada.

This recipe is very easy to make by using these simple steps..

Make this at home and enjoy with your family, friends and it is healthy breakfast option.

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