Do you know Google is Secretly recording your bedroom talks through Google’s service

The third party working for Google, i.e. Contractors, is secretly listening to your bedroom conversation via Google Assistant on smartphones, home speakers and security cameras. A new report claims that such recordings raise serious questions about privacy of users.

According to the Belgium broadcaster VRT NWS, the user’s conversations are being recorded with the Google Home Speaker, and the audio clips are being sent to-contractors, who can use audio files to improve Google’s Speech Recognition later on for transcripting. With the help of a whistleblower, VRT was able to hear more than a thousand pieces recorded through the NWS Google Assistant.

Do you know Google is Secretly recording your  bedroom talks through Google's service
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The report, released on Wednesday, said, “In these recordings we can hear the information and the sensitive information clearly, making it easier to identify the people involved in the conversation and match the audio recordings.” VRT said, “Many men searched porn, a debate between husband and wife, and even a case in which a woman was in an emergency. All these things were known to us from recordings.”

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Even more worrisome is that whistleblower showed the platform to the VRT, he had recordings of the whole world. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), in India, Amazon Echo led the Indian smart speaker market with 59 percent share in 2018, after which Google Home was present with 39 percent unit share.

A total of 753 thousand units were sent in the country in 2018. Mini Home and other smart speaker models of Google Home were sold and emerged as a top seller.

So overall, if you are using Google home theater or speaker. Always stay alert that they might record your all secret conversation which directly leads to violation of your privacy.

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