Do you know interesting facts about Black Gold

Have you ever wondered what is called Black Gold. I know when this word comes in your mind, First and foremost thing that comes in your mind is the image of Gold that is black in color or some extra ordinary image of any movies or song related to Black.

But, today I am gonna tell you that word Black Gold which comes in the world of ingredients. Many countries call it black gold because of its scientific reason and health benefits. So, here are the information about Black Gold.

Do you know interesting facts about Black Gold

Black gold:

Black Pepper is the original name of black gold and this name came from European countries because Europeans call it black gold. In today’s world, they are the largest producer of black pepper in the world, but this production is declining, although demand is never going to reduce it. Decline in production can be due to many factors like change in climatic condition or peoples are not interested in producing black paper.

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Kerala is still the only state in the world where large amount of spices are cultivated around the world and most of the spices are exported from Kerala. Kerala is also called the king of spices because this state main concentration is the production of spice. Kerala focuses on the spices because if they don’t cultivate spices then it will become extinct in the world and no one will ever get spices around the world.

There are so many healthy benefits of black pepper as researchers are still researching about black pepper. Black pepper is not only used in kitchens for adding taste in food. It is also used for air purification as it has been tested that black pepper purifies air for healthy breathing. So, this is one of the most healthy benefits of black pepper as in today’s world air pollution has increased so much that black pepper can help to purify air for healthy breathing.

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Origin of black pepper:

Black Pepper is the gift of India as it is originated from India. There were several questions that was always arising who originated it or who discovered it. So, let me tell you that our ancestors brought black pepper to India. It is mainly cultivated in Kerala because of its hot and humid environment. This is the ideal environment for cultivating spices and this is present in India. That’s why India is called king of spices.

Some also believe that black pepper yields are high on the Malabar coast, arguably, its seeds have been flowing along the sea and there is plenty of flora and fauna after meeting the land and the climate there.

India’s biggest identity in the medieval period is masala, but it is also certain that the spices which today we consider to be the essential part of the kitchen, they were first used in field of Ayurveda as the births of Ayurveda was done by Charaka and Sushruta. They always used these spices in their Ayurveda because of their healthy benefits. Even today, Ayurveda is fully sustained on spices for the medical treatment of patients.

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Journey of black pepper:

The advantages of black pepper are such that if we make lists we will be surprised. But we only know about the wonderful journey of black pepper here. In Kerala’s mountainous areas, pepper-rich trees are abundant with black pepper. There, people work on farming on their large lands. This work is done on such a large scale that the livelihood and life of villages, cities and millions of people run it. On high-altitude trees, they hang in the form of clusters of green grains with leaves. People climb the trees and break these clusters and then these small green grains are separated through the feet or machines. After drying them several days in hard sun, these grains come in the form of flavored black pepper. In areas where this work is done, a scent of black pepper is spread around there. It also works as an air force. Keep the atmosphere pure. Black pepper and white pepper are processed from the same tree and from these green grains. Due to drying in the sunlight, black pepper absorbs many of the atmospheres of the atmosphere along with the sun’s rays. Although still the most foreign trade in Kerala is black pepper and it earns a lot of foreign currency, but its area of cultivation is decreasing, as well as production. Even countries such as Thailand and Vietnam have been growing in large quantities, but what is still in Indian black pepper is not in any other It sells at very high prices.

Where you can get black pepper:

In the search for black pepper, if Vasodigama first reached the coast of Calicut, behind him, the Portuguese’s Lavalakkar came here too. They prepared forts and colonies in Cochin. Wanted to monopolize the trade here. After this there came also Jews, Chinese, French and English. All black pepper i.e. was crazy for this dark gold, because in Europe its consumption was largely. At one time, the practice of black pepper was like a currency. From ancient times, India’s big traders always value the business of pepper. Many different spices are made from black pepper, many dishes are made on its basis. If you make a list of black pepper-based food drinks in the map, it will go in hundreds, but not thousands. All the food related to vegetarians, meat saucers, pickles, lentils, flour and rice are all faded without black pepper. In Ayurveda’s eyes, this anti-bacterial and anti-viral elements have abundance, its regular intake keeps them away from all the diseases. If we talk about India, then we have always been affected by this small black grain on every ritual-custom, food and economic structure. It can be proud that the most unsurpassed masala found in the world is India’s donation.

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