Quick and Easy low calorie Upma recipe for breakfast

Upma is a South Indian healthy dish and is also made in most of the restaurants and by families of north india. Now a days trend is seen in North India as having it as a light breakfast option. Upma is made from semolina or rava which is finely crushed wheat powder. It is super light and tasty breakfast and is eaten to break the chain of monotonous breakfast recipes. Various other recipes can be made from rava such as chilla, rava toast, rava khandavi or  the sweet dish in desi ghee sooji ka halwa with dry fruits.

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If you want to know how to make upma? Here are the steps of making a healthy low calorie upma recipe:

Ingredients needed for making Upma:-

  • olive oil (2 tablespoons)
  • groundnuts / peanuts (12-15)
  • mustard seeds (1 teaspoon)
  • curry leaves (15-20)
  • onions (1 large)
  • green chili (4-5) if you love spicy otherwise use (1-2)
  • pink salt
  • semolina / rava (1 small bowl approx 150gm)
  • soaked chana dal (2 tablespoons)

total time –  25 minutes

preparation time – 10 minutes

cooking time – 15 minutes

Making of upma

step 1 – roast or toast groundnuts (approx 12 -15) in pan and remove the outer covering and crush them in the mixer grinder as to make crunchy small pieces.

step 2 – pour some olive oil in pan and roast rava for 5 minutes.

step 3 – pour some olive oil and add curry leaves, black mustard seeds and finely chopped green chilies  and saute them in pan till it gets light brown color and then add chana dal.

step 4 – then diced chopped onions are added and stir fry them till it gets light pink color.

step 5 – now add the roasted rava in the mixture and stir it for two or three times and added  1 cup of water and pink salt as per your taste.

step 6 – now reduce the water content till the rava gets cooked properly.

step 7 – the last and the final step is to garnish it with the toasted crushed groundnuts and with some green curry leaves and slit chili.

now serve this hot and enjoy this healthy stomach filling breakfast  with your family and friends.

calorie in 1 serve :- 190-200 calorie

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Pink salt health benefits

It is also called as ancient himalyan crystal salt and hand-cut slabs of crystal variety of salt are derived from natural deposits found in the Himalayan foothills and the Punjab.  region of Pakistan. It is believed to contain as many as 84 trace minerals and it is naturally fortified with iodine presence unlike our daily use table salt. It is also rich minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. The pink color is due to presence of iron oxide and all these factor present makes it so precious. It can be used in sweet, savory and bakery dishes as to enhance and take out more flavor. It regulates the hormonal level and blood sugar level and improves digestion is also seen as environment friendly and can be used as air purifier lamp and can be a good option to treat your respiratory related problems.

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