Keto diet quick breakfast recipe for weight loss:

Ketogenic diet or most popularly used in common form as keto diet is basically a diet pattern which consists of low carbohydrate and high fat content and moderate in protein content. This diet is called LCHF diet in informal ways and short forms. A person who chose to be on keto diet indicates that it is an effective tool for weight loss and helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Many people have heard about the name keto diet but does not exact knowledge of what to cook and how much quantity to be consumed.

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Studies and reports have taken positive sides on reducing several disease factors such as keto diet helps in reducing heart diseases, heart strokes, lowers risk factors for diabetes in reversing type 2 diabetes and improving Alzheimer’s condition.

I am here to treat you with a interesting and tasty keto diet recipe that will help you to keep stick to your keto program with experiencing change of taste buds with new recipe and motivate you in your weight loss journey.

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Recipe for breakfast :- paneer and veggies stuffed pancakes

Total time :- 20 minutes

Preparation time :-10 minutes
Cook time :- 10 minutes

Ingredients needed :-

  • Mung dal grain flour (1 small bowl)
  • Finely chopped onions ( 50gm)
  • Crumbled paneer (50gm)
  • Finely chopped cheery tomato ( 50gm)
  • Finely chopped ginger (1 teaspoon)
  • Finely chopped green chili (1 teaspoon)
  • Pink salt
  • Ghee /butter /olive oil (1-2 tablespoon)
  • Blanched green spinach (1/2 small bowl)
  • Button mushrooms (1/2 small bowl)
  • Curd

Making of recipe :-

Step 1. Take a bowl and mix all the finely chopped veggies and mung dal grain flour and add a pinch of pink salt then add water slowly to make a balanced consistent batter. (not thick nor running batter).

Step 2. Flame on and heat the pan, grease the pan with ghee /butter /olive oil (of your choice and taste) and pour the batter in medium amount in shape of pancakes and cook until it get crispy and golden brown color.

Now serve it hot with curd and salad.

Calories per serving :- 373kcal (approx)

Fats – 30-32gm.
carbohydrate – 10-12gm.
protein – 13-15gm.

Treat your friends who are also on keto diet and enjoy the breakfast meal with family and friends .

Hope you liked this 2 step simple, easy and quick recipe and it will be a great choice for working people and college going youth.

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