15 must do beauty habits before bed time

Everyone in the world says beauty is not from the outside but its from inside of your heart, as it is rightly said but In today’s competitive world you need to be beautiful which boost your confidence and enhances performance in the workplace and it can be summarized in single line i.e. A lady who posses beauty with brain. So I can solve this problem and the suggestions written in the article can bring giant changes in your lifestyle with a beautiful smile from the bottom of your heart. So let us quickly go through these points :-

15 must do beauty habits before bed time
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1. Skincare and remove make up

  • To start, first remove all your makeup using wipes, the para been free wipes which soothes your skin gently and makes you relaxing and calm. If you are out of wipes at home  cotton pads and few drops of coconut oil can be alternative to remove the extra layers of cosmetics from the skin.
  • removing eye make up is also an important part and use a good quality eye remover as to avoid any injury to eyes and you can use ear buds for removing the eye makeup easily and it can be your good form of beauty hack tool.

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2. deep clean facial

  • use good quality cleansing lotion and use facial brush , rub it in a circular motion over your face as to open your pores so that your skin can breathe and rejuvenate itself during sleep time.
  • rinse the face with warm water and pat dry it.

3. use serum of high quality

  • recommending to use most probably organic serum as they have good healing properties and choose serum as per your skin type. Use of finger all over the face and neck area to uniformly absorb it so that its goodness can be seen on skin.

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4. perfect moisturizer

  • applying  moisturizer on the  face gives you a shinning and smooth effect and unnecessary pores to close down or minimises the pore size as to avoid any breakouts and acne.

5. scrubbing of lips

  • use natural scrubs like sugar, lemon and honey solution to scrub your lips. Sugar exfoliates the dead skin and honey moisturizes the lips.
  • you can also use toothbrush to brush your lips instead of teeth as to remove the dead cells
  • use lips moisturizers  or lip balms to soften your lips.

6. eye cream must

  • applying eye cream helps to lighten the dark circles and keeping wrinkles away.
  • Several companies sell eye cream but choose the which suits to you and go for natural or organic products in the markets to avoid eye irritation.

7. keep your nails and cuticle healthy

  • daily applying cuticle oil on your nails nourishes the cuticle part and also lessen the dry area by soaking the oil so that on next morning nail become soft, shiny and healthy.

8.hand creams gives skin a pleasant fragrance

  • regular applying of hand cream makes skin smoother, softer and even makes your skin looks younger. Hand creams with anti-aging components like Keratin improve the skin’s elasticity and moisture balance.These also impede the growth of wrinkle formation cells.

9. massaging foot

  • With regular massages using foot creams,ends the stress of the hard working day. Pampering your feet in night makes it softer.
  • foot creams keeps your feet and heels hydrated.
  • Regular use of foot cream helps to prevent cuts and sores and from fungal infections and will make the skin feeling silky smooth and soft

 10. keeping pillows at right place

  • propping up of the pillows is necessary as to have good sleep as to avoid any neck injury. Use soft cushion pillows. Change your pillow covers on every alternative day as to avoid bacterial infections on your face and it also makes your place tidy and bright.

11. setting up of alarm

  • sleeping at right time makes your next day more synchronized and you even feel good and calm and if you are facing difficulty in sleeping, then just avoid use of electronic gadgets such as mobiles and tablets before 1 hour of bed time  and putting alarms makes your sleeping routine habitual so keep following and stick it with.
  • wearing eye mask

  • It makes your eyes feel softer and cooler and it makes you sleep faster.

13. use of aromatic oil humidifier

  • put up your favorite oil [like lavender oil ,chamomile oil, clove oil, or any choice of yours] in the air humidifier as it spreads the freshness and aroma of oil in the entire room and makes you feel like spa to make you fall asleep.

14. bathing before bed

  • Its a very good idea of taking bath in warm water as it relaxes your whole body and feels like heaven. Bathing is treated as a best option as to wake up healthy and cheerful  next morning making your skin feel the beautiful aura of the place. Actually it makes your skin glowing and have less breakouts and acne.

15. good night sleep

  • a satisfying sleep of 8 hrs is must as to have a glowing skin and to feel refreshed next morning. Getting a good sleep makes you active on the next day and it also reduces the puffiness of eyes and says goodbye to dull skin.
  • kin feeling silky smooth and soft

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