Benarasi Breakfast : Poori Aloo curry and crispy Jalebi

jalebialu poori

From morning 5:00 o’clock the streets on the bank of river Ganga smells pleasant by the frying of poori in large vessel and the aromatic smell of  spices and condiments pull the street-food lovers to go on stalls and have the delectable taste of this authentic breakfast.The people of Varanasi starts their day by bathing and praying on the banks river Ganga and commute between their work by having such heavy breakfast and add on with sweet dish jalebi that nourishes them overall to enhance their work performance and keep them active all the day.

Preparation of aloo poori curry and jalebi

Aloo curry or aloo sabji is a dish which consists of big chunks of boiled and fried aloo in clarified butter and curry is made full of spices and condiments and kashimiri laal mirch adds the beautiful color attracting food lovers tempting to eat. Jalebi is sweet dish fried in desi ghee in pretzel or spiral shape its batter is made up of maida and dahi and added food color to give bright orange color and makes Jalebi more mouth watery and at last it is sop into sugary syrup flavored with cardamom powder and saffron to make it sweet, soft and crispy

Place to find

In morning time it is easily seen on sides of roads which will be present their by 11:00 o’clock. You can also walk on the narrow streets of manikarnika ghat to enjoy the hot servings and viewing the architecture and scenery of the old small houses covering the street and holding it tightly as to describe the caring and loving relationship with its visitors.

If you want to enjoy the taste of this delicacy do visit Varanasi with your family in holidays and vacations and enjoy the aarti in the evening  on the banks of river Ganga.



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