The first photo of the new Charlie’s Angels, in full shooting

With the confirmation of its premiere for November 1 of this year, the remake of Charlie’s Angels continues to advance in its filming. This is how his director, Elizabeth Banks, let him see on his Twitter account. The American actress, who also participates in the film, uploaded a picture in which she is seen surrounded by the three angels: Ella Balinska, Kristen Stewart and Naomi Scott. It was in the framework of a campaign called “The 4% challenge” – or # 4percentchallenge – in which personalities linked to the audiovisual industry demand more female participation in the direction and performance of film and television productions.

She Balinska, Kristen, Banks and Naomi Scott, beautiful.

Commitments and causes aside, the photo was used to see for the first time in action the faces of the so-called “angels” with Banks, who will play Boxley, Charlie’s faithful assistant. The girls wear dresses, full of glitter and very elegant, so it is believed that at some point in the movie, in addition to fights, shots and lots of action, there will be scenes at a party. Of the three protagonists, the participation of Kristen Stewart, famous for her performance in the Twilight saga, was the most celebrated by the followers of the film.

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The mythical series of tevé was a classic of the seventies, with Jaclyn Smith, Farrah Fawcett and Kate Jackson, the first angels: three female detectives in charge of solving crimes and catching evildoers under the tutelage of their boss, named Charlie. In the year 2000, it returned in the form of a film, with Cameron Díaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore, two installments in which homage was paid to the aesthetics of those years and the beauty of its protagonists. This year, the angels return with everything, but with a plot closer to that of the series that gave them origin. And it is said that there will be only three angels, but there will be a network of female detectives throughout the world, ready to fight for justice.


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