Sheck Wes Denies Justine Skye’s Abuse Allegations; Justine Responds

Sheck Wes has responded to abuse allegations from Justine Skye.


“I’ve chosen to remain silent until now out of respect for actual victims of abuse,” Sheck said in a tweet late Monday, the same day Skye named him as “my abuser” and further accused him of stalking her friends. “But I cannot stand by while lies are repeatedly told about me. I never hit or beat any women and I did not beat up or jump anybody.” At the time of this writing, he had not mentioned Justine Skye by name.

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Sheck also denied the allegations in an Instagram Live update. “I never hit any woman at all . . . Just leave me out of all of this,” he said.

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Justine Skye previously called Sheck Wes “pathetic” Monday, further claiming that he and his team were trying to spread “lies” about her. “Moral of the story is, if you never put your hands on me you wouldn’t be in this situation and you just keep making it worse,” she said.

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Earlier this year, lyrics from GoldLink’s “Justine’s Interlude” were interpreted as being about the allegations against Sheck Wes:

I’m tired of hearin’ ’bout if this n***a put hands on you

GoldLink and Justine Skye are currently in a relationship.

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Shortly after Sheck Wes responded, Justine Skye replied by sharing a clip of Sheck Wes stepping over a fence. She claims he attacked her in this incident. She also shared a screenshot of an alleged text conversation between her and Chase B, a DJ who works closely with Travis Scott and is an associate of Sheck Wes and Cactus Jack.

Skye’s tweets prompted a further denial from Sheck Wes, who asked the singer to show her bruises from the incident. “I never hit you!” he wrote.

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