Rath Saptami 2018: Sun Shows Off Pain, Know the Worship Method of Sun Saptami, Mantra, Story and Importance

Today is Ratha Saptami. It is believed that the sun was born on this day. Today, the sun had cast its rays on the world. According to the Hindu calendar every year, the Rath Saptami is celebrated on the Saptami of the Shukla party of Magh month. Especially the sun is worshiped on the day of Ratha Saptami (Ratha Saptami 2019). It is believed that before bathing in the holy rivers before sunrise, all liberation is attained. Today, in the morning, there is peace and happiness in the home after sunset and worship. At the same time, all the clashes of the house are over and all the desires are fulfilled. Know special things about chariot saptamy …

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According to the importance of Rath Saptami, on this day, the Sun has brightened the world with its rays. For this reason, people wake up in the morning and worship the sun god with the first ray of the sun. It is also believed that bathing in holy rivers on this day gives relief from physical diseases, especially skin related diseases. Rath Saptami is also known as Sun Saptami, Achala Saptami, and Arogya Saptami. 

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Rituals of worship of Rapt Saptami wake up in the morning before the sun rises. Wash the sun and apply it to the sun. 
Before presenting it, place seven leaves of the ax on the head. 
Greetings while staying at the helm. 
Chant this mantra at the time of Arghya : 
Namaste Rudarupaya Rasanan Patae Namah. Varunay Namasteattu  

According to the legend of Rath Saptami in Hindu religion, Lord Krishna’s son, Shamb, was very proud of his physical strength and dedication. Sham once insulted Rishi Durvasa. Angered by this insult, the sage cursed him to be leprosy. When Lord Krishna came to know about this curse, he asked his son Shambh to worship the sun. Father’s words, Samba worshiped the sun, worshiped the sun. Sun God was pleased with the worship of Shamb and he blessed the end of leprosy.


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