Kiss day 2019: Do you know these interesting things related to Kiss?

People are eagerly waiting for valentines day. This wait of the people is going to end after two days. But there is another day before Valentine’s Day which is considered to be a very special day of Valentine Week. This is Kiss Day. A day by which people can love their partner. In such a way, before the kiss day, we have brought you interesting fascination related to kisses which you must know.

The longest Kiss ever

longest kiss

Do you know who is the longest ever? In fact, a Thai couple had a KISS of about 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds, which was recorded as the longest key in the Guinness Book of Records. Which of these couples has started from February 12 and till February 15th. The name of this couple was Ekkachai Tirandar and Lakshana Tirantara.

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French kiss

photo - Getty image

photo – Getty image

Whenever the matter of Kiss happens, the people of France are always talking about it. It is said that how a man is filled with a passion should learn from the people of France. However, the theory behind French Kiss is one of the rare theories. This theory is also known as Florentine Kiss. It says that during World War I, when the American and British troops returned from Europe, they did their wives very emotionally. This made people believe that the people of France have been excelled in doing what.

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afraid of what

kiss fear

On one hand, where some people can express their love through a kiss, there are some people who are afraid of whom. This fear of the people is also called Philemaphobia. Most fear is seen in the first time who kissed them. There are also some people who are afraid of what they can do in 80 million jams in their mouth and make them sick.

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Long Kiss On Screen

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