Lakers vs. Celtics: Rajon Rondo’s pregame warm-up shot foreshadowed his clutch game-winner

Hours before he hit a dramatic game-winner to propel the Lakers to a 129-128 win over the rival Celtics in Boston on Thursday night, Rajon Rondo hit almost an identical shot, albeit in a much less pressure-packed situation. 

Rondo was shooting around with his son on Boston’s parquet floor well before tip-time on Thursday, and was filmed hitting a shot that looked a whole lot like — and was launched from nearly the same spot as — his game-winner, as you can see below, via Silver Screen & Roll: 

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Lakers vs. Celtics: Rajon Rondo's pregame warm-up shot foreshadowed his clutch game-winner

It’s a great experience any time a player sinks a game-winner, but this one was extra special for Rondo, as it came against his former franchise. 

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“I always dream like this,” Rondo said after the game. “But I couldn’t picture it being this sweet.” 

While it was certainly special for Rondo, the magnitude of the moment wasn’t lost on his teammates either. 

“I think for Rondo, he couldn’t even dream about that moment,” LeBron James said. “To be back here in the Garden where he won a championship … It was a storybook ending.” 

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They say that success is preparation meeting opportunity, and Rondo provided a good example of that on Thursday night. 

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