Fight between Booba and Kaaris: this announcement should disappoint the fans of the two rappers

The fight between Booba and Kaaris is gradually emerging. This Thursday, February 7, rapper Sevran announced that he would face his nemesis, according to the rules of the MMA, in Tunisia in June. ”  I signed. You will receive yours at your bosses in Capitol, he wrote in the caption of a video where we can see him sign his contract. Accept this fight otherwise I never propose anything. You have everything, your Greek delivered by around girl. You can not refuse a kid anymore. Since then, the fans of both rappers are unleashed. But a detail of the highest importance may disappoint them.

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On social networks, many Internet users have expressed their intention to go to Tunisia to attend what they call ”  the fight of the century  .” Unfortunately for them, the body-to-body that will oppose the two rappers will not be open to the public, as announced Me Yassine Yakouti, the lawyer Kaaris in the columns of the JDD. The admirers of the Duc de Boulogne and the interpreter of Black Gold will, however, be able to follow the event live on the Web. ”  It should be covered by the media and broadcast on social networks,  ” says the weekly.

The fight between Booba and Kaaris will be organized by the Federation of Combat Sports of Tunisia. According to the JDD, ”  the two men should not borrow the same plane to get there  .” A precaution is taken to prevent them from banging on the airport, as they did at Orly last August. We never know!

According to the relief: “an explosion followed by a fire near the counter, on the ground floor” would have occurred.

A fire hose and 6 guns were needed to extinguish the flames. The Saint-Saëns firefighters were on the scene. 

According to our information, no victim would be to deplore. The first floor of the property has been preserved. 

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