Sonu Nigam hospitalized due to seafood allergy, shares photos of the swollen face

Earlier this week, Sonu Nigam was admitted to Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai for a severe allergic reaction to seafood. The singer, who was back on his feet in time for a concert in Orissa on Tuesday night, advised fans to “never ever ever ever take a chance with allergies”.


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Sonu took to Instagram to share two pictures of himself. While one was a selfie showing that his eye was swollen shut, the other showed him lying on a hospital bed wearing an oxygen mask.

“Thanks for your concern and love. Now that you know that I am returning back from Jeypore Orissa after managing a concert last night, I now don’t mind sharing how I was the day before yesterday,” he wrote.

“Lesson for all of us, never ever ever ever take a chance with allergies. Seafood in my case. If Nanavati Hospital wasn’t nearby, my trachea would have swollen up further and lead to asphyxiation,” Sonu revealed, wishing his fans and well-wishers a “happy and healthy life”.

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Recently, the singer was in the eye of a storm when he defended composer Anu Malik, who has been accused of sexual harassment by multiple women, including singers Sona Mohapatra and Shweta Pandit.

At the Agenda Aaj Tak 2018, Sonu said that Anu had been accused without any proof. “Despite that, people are respecting the accusers, who are tarnishing Anu Malik’s name. But how can you ban him? How can you snatch his bread and butter? How can you torture his family?”

“Who has given us the right to be the judiciary of someone else’s life? Or you provide concrete proof. I have two sisters. I stand for them. But that does not mean that you put a stop to someone’s work. How can that happen?” Sonu asked.

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“The torture, harassment, can happen anywhere. It happens in the corporate world too. You have accused him, you have shamed him; now don’t punish his family. Get proof first,” the singer said.

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