Amrapali Dubey-Kajal is going to make Raghavani Tehelka, Video Viral

Amrapali Dubey, popularly known as the YouTube Queen in Bhojpuri Cinema, begins to choke the odds whenever it comes to dance in the movie. Amrapali Dubey’s Bhojpuri film ‘Kajal’ has a lot of sensation on the internet. It is believed that he is very lucky for the Bhojpuri industry films, he got the look at the box office in the past. When Amrapali took a number of songs for any movie, she became super hit. This is the reason that now in Bhojpuri Movie ‘Kajal’, Amrapali Dubey danced with Aditya Mohan in the special episode.

Shooting of the film was completed with a special number of Amrapali Dubey. After this he talked to the media while speaking to the media. Amrapali Dubey said, “My song is very good in the film. Well all the songs in the film are good and the concept is also commendable. The film will be completed soon and will be released soon. So I would like to say to Bhojpuria viewers that they definitely see the movie going to the theater. ”

He told that when he was shooting the movie ‘Gabaru’, then on the set Maya Yadav told him that the makers of the movie ‘Kajal’ want to make a song about me. Then there was talk of the makers of ‘Kajal’ and finally I am in this song. He said that Kajal Yadav’s character in the film is very cute. This film is Mile Stone for him and he goes a long way.

In the film, Bhojpuri’s youth hearts heartbeat Kajal Raghavani has also taken a number, about which Amrapali Dubey said that the face value is influenced by the good script, because many times good films are made, but on the poster People with no big faces make distance from the film. In such a way, Kajal and My Entry will further enhance the success of this film. So it will be our privilege.

Note that Kajal Yadav, Aditya Mohan, Pushpa Shukla, Shams Aagaj, Uday Shrivastav, Dilip Sinha, Harshit, Girish Sharma and Mridul Kumar Sharan are the main characters in the lead role of film Kajal, based on women’s empowerment. Sanjay Bhushan Patiala is the film’s PR. DOP Triloki Chaudhary and Music Director S Kumar and EP Shams.

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