The Kapil Sharma Show: Sania Mirza calls Kapil ‘buddha’. The reason will leave you in splits

Every weekend Kapil Sharma is seen flirting and pullingthe leg of celebrity guests with his wit andhumorr. But this weekend was different. Recently, when Tennis sensation Sania Mirza appeared on the show, she left Kapil dumbstruck with her hilarious jibes on him and her epic replies.
Sania was in a mood to pull his leg and asked him as to when is he planning to give a good news. She said, “Ye history mein pahli baar hua hai ki Kapil Sharma sharma gaya.” After their funny banter, Kapil asked new mommy in town if her husband Shoaib Malik helps her with diaper changing duties. With a naughty smile she said, “Since it’s the year of World Cup, Shoaib has been keeping very busy. He comes for 3-4 days and he is generally so tired that I let him rest. I’m not playing right now, so I don’t really bother him with diaper changing duties in those few days.”
Sania got into a serious mode when she talked about motherhood and how it has changed her. “Since childhood we girls always fantasies of getting married, having kids without- giving a real thought to it. But in the last one year, from the time I got pregnant and I became a mother- I realised that it is so amazing what a woman can do. The love that you have for your baby is so selfless and pure that you can never feel the same emotion otherwise.”
Every time Sania tried to get naughty with him, Kapil gave a plane-jane response. She reminded him in her funny style, that you have become buddha (old man) post your wedding.

Sania not only made fun of his relationship status but also of his English and habit of reaching late on the sets. When Kapil greeted his mother and asked her as to why she got late. Before Kapil’s mother could say anything Sania joked about it by saying that ‘she is your mother, vo to late aaengi na’.
Sania plans to make a comeback on the court by the end of this year with US Open Tennis 2019.


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