Shruti Sinha and Gaurav Alugh win Splitsvilla 11

Shruti Sinha and Gaurav Alugh on Sunday were declared the winners of Splitsvilla 11. The besties beat Shagun Pandey and Samyukhta Hegde to lift the trophy of the Rannvijay Singha and Sunny Leone-hosted dating reality show.
While Shruti and Gaurav won the dating reality show, the two are actually best friends. Shruti developed a connect with Rohan Hingorani in the early stages of the show. While the two were not an ideal match according to the oracle, they decided to play the game together. It was only after Rohan was eliminated that Shruti decided to pair up with her best friend Gaurav, who had entered Splitsvilla as a wild card.
On the other hand, Gaurav might have entered the competition late but he was clear he wanted to win Splitsvilla 11. His big revelation of how Rohan disrespected Shruti created quite a stir in the show. While his actions were not taken kindly by many, Shruti chose to go ahead in the game with Gaurav after Rohan was dumped by other contestants.
With both Shruti Sinha and Gaurav Alugh being ex-Roadies, the two showcased strength and grit during every task. Excelling in most of their tasks, they easily moved towards the finale. Their strong friendship and trust in each other helped them excel in the last task making them the winners of Splitsvilla 11.
Apart from Samyuktha Hegdge and Shagun Pandey, Kabeer Bhartiya-Anushka Mitra and Anshuman Malhotra-Roshni Wadhwa reached the last league of the competition.

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