Sharad Yadav says Mahagathbandhan will bring a big change in the country

Former union minister Sharad Yadav joined the District Workers’ Conference of the Jharkhand Vikas Morcha at the Block Maidan of Jhumriatilaya on Tuesday. Targeting the BJP government, he said that the government is ignoring the interests of the people. After the election, the coalition government will bring changes in the country.

Sharad Yadav says Mahagathbandhan will bring a big change in the country
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He said that the constitution of India is such a book that the welfare of all sections of the country, all the communities, rich, poor, farmer, laborer, is all contained. But the people of BJP are tired of destroying this constitution. Through the gathering, he declared that a great coalition is going on all over the country. He said that former Chief Minister Babulal Marandi is a good, honest and most honest person. So I have come to Delhi from Koderma for them.

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BJP wants to break the society: Babulal Marandi

Former Chief Minister Babulal Marandi said that the state and central government did the job of plundering the country completely. The policies made in Jharkhand are made for all the capitalists. There is no policy for the tribals of the farmers here. The people of BJP are engaged in breaking the country in the name of temple-mosque, Agadra Backward, tribal non-tribal in the country. People will have to be careful in the coming days.

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Central and State Government are not up to mark: Annapurna Devi

Rajad state president Annapurna Devi said that the BJP government in the Center and the state is engaged in destroying the country. People in every class are troubled under their rule. Social harmony and mutual brotherhood are bent on eliminating people. Need is, to free the country from such scribes. The meeting was addressed by former minister Ramchandra Kesari, Dr. Sabah Ahmed, former MLA, Guru Sahay Mahato etc.

Bjp slams Congress on Priyanka Gandhi Vadra entry in politics become general secretary of Congress

Not only BJP, Priyanka will also challenge SP in UP, but Priyanka’s presence is also the Congress’s trump card

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