Sapna Choudhary’s ‘ghunghat’ on YouTube

Sapna Choudhary has brought a great deal of attention on YouTube. Bhojpuri – The New Haryanvi Song ‘Ghunghat’ of Sapna Chaudhary of Punjabi and Haryanvi cinema, has released. A huge amount of hits is seen on YouTube as soon as it is released. This Hariyanavi song of Sapna Choudhary is becoming viral. In this song dreams of Sapna Chaudhari are seen as wonderful, and as usual, amazingly vibrant dance is seen. Anyway, Sapna Choudhary has also debuted in Bollywood and her first ‘Song of Dosti Ke Side Effects’ and has been released.

Sapna Choudhary's 'ghunghat' on YouTube

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Bhojpuri – Sapna Choudhary’s ‘Ghughghat’ Song, which is glamor in Punjabi and Haryanvi movies. This song by Sapna Chaudhary is sung by Somvir Kathurwal and its lyrics are written by new Vishu Baba. Sapna Choudhary’s ‘Ghughghat Song’s music is given by Bamboo Beat and this music video has been directed by Kuldeep Rathi. This video has been seen more than 8 million times in 24 hours.

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Sapna Choudhary from time to time continues to be content with her music video. But these days, her Bollywood movie ‘Dosti Ke Side Effects’, latest Song, has rocketed. Sapna Chaudhary is playing the role of the IPS officer in his debut film and with the gunshots of the goons, he is seen hanging from the ghosts. The task of delivering Sapna Choudhary to popularity was done by ‘Big Boss 11’ in which she brilliantly played her innings. Then in Bhojpuri film ‘Barry Kangna’, his special song then spread his popularity to the whole country.

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