Not only BJP, Priyanka will also challenge SP in UP, but Priyanka’s presence is also the Congress’s trump card

Considering the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, Congress has played its trump card in the form of Priyanka Gandhi. The Congress has given him a major responsibility of the UP while giving him the post of General Secretary in the party. The party has given him the command of Eastern Uttar Pradesh. But it is certain that the coming of Priyanka can become a new excitement and hope for the party. Politicians also do not deny this information from this point. Let me tell you that there has been a demand for bringing Priyanka to the party for a long time at the party, but every time it became a mere voice. This time, the party has officially handed over a responsibility to him, whose impact will be seen in the coming time. But among all this, Entry has given birth to some questions in Priyanka’s politics.

Not only BJP, Priyanka will also challenge SP in UP, but Priyanka's presence is also the Congress's trump card
© Dainik Jagran

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General Secretary’s big role

One big question is that at the same time why the party has appointed Priyanka officially why. The second question is, what is the reason behind submitting the order of Eastern UP without giving them full UP or West UP? Apart from these, there are some big questions which have been answered by the well-known political analyst Shivaji Sarkar with Dainik Jagran. Shivaji believes that the trump card played on Priyanka will definitely benefit the party in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. According to him, Priyanka could not have given any other post than the General Secretary at the party. Apart from this, the role of the Secretary-General is very large in any party if you talk about the party. In truth, it is his responsibility to make changes to the grassroots level within the same party.

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Challenges to SP including BJP

They also say that entry in Priyanka’s politics will present a tough challenge to the BJP directly. Apart from this, one thing is also to keep in mind that in the past the decline in Congress has helped the Samajwadi party strengthen its hold. But now after the Priyanka, the BJP along with SP will be challenged too. At present, the party’s own decision about Priyanka is very good. After the party’s decision, the Brahmin and Thakur votes will definitely be cast in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. Priyanka can also play an important role in strengthening the organization.

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Have already played the responsibility in the elections

Talking about Congress, it would be wrong to say that the general secretary’s post will get bigger than Priyanka’s other general secretaries. Let us tell you that even though Priyanka is officially the first entry in politics, she has always played an active role in politics from backdoors. He has already played the responsibility of election on some occasions. In some places, he also made an election rally. But for the first time in the coming Lok Sabha elections, people will listen to party General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.

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Why the Eastern UP?

The Shivaji government also says that as far as Priyanka is to be handed over to the Eastern UP, the path of Congress in the East is far easier than the West. Due to the heavy influence of West UP Jat, it is very difficult to cultivate here. On the other hand, in eastern UP, even today the number of Congress is low, but it can not be ignored that the party’s traditional voter is still present there. One of the major reasons behind submitting the command of Eastern UP is that there are still families supporting the Congress and the families and politicians who have gone to the other party for any reason but have not left the Congress. There are some such leaders, even though they are in the other party but others of their family still support the Congress. In such a situation, after the entry of Priyanka, the family can again join the Congress with full enthusiasm.

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Priyanka’s coming is not Rahul’s failure

The Shivaji Government also denies that Priyanka’s active politics is in any way a failure of Rahul Gandhi. According to him, Rahul Gandhi has established himself as a well-stocked leader. At the same time, his image has improved in the youth. But as far as Priyanka is in the party, it is not Rahul’s failure from anywhere. He also says that Congress has played a masterstroke this time, and in the future, such trump cards can be seen. Although he certainly believes that Priyanka’s scope will not be confined to the U.P. only. Together with the Congress, the Congress’s look is also on West Bengal. Priyanka’s magic can also be there. Priyanka’s presence in the party will definitely help in bringing back the exhausted seats in West Bengal.

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