Pubg mobile season 5 everything to know about new features

PUBG Season 4 is now going to say goodbye. But you do not need to be frustrated. The wait of Season 5 of PUBG Mobile is about to end. The new season will come with the new 0.10.5 update. The PUBG Mobile Season 5 will also come with updates of better experience in game play with 5 new features. There will be new clothes, new weapons, skins and Zombie mode. After the end of PUBG Season 4, the ranking of players will be reset and ratings will also fall. This happened even when Season 4 came. Many Ace category players will fall into the Platinum category of Fall.

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Know all the necessary information related to changes in PUBG season 5 available on the Internet:

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Zombie Mode: In this mode in PUBG Mobile, players will be able to fight 98 different Zombies in different gameplay modes. At the same time, in classic mode so far players either fought alone or fought with their squads. However, this mode may only be played on the minor version of Erangel map.

Apocalypse Theme: A new theme is expected in PUBG season 5. In its season 4, users were able to see the White Winter theme with the Vikendi Snow Map update. According to the report, Season 5 can find Apocalypse theme in Zombie mode. There are many clothes and frills that can be expected to introduce fire patterns in the new season.

New Outfits: Players will get new outfits in the new season The Winter theme of Vikendi Update had white costumes, hot clothes and jackets. Fire Apocalypse theme can come in such clothes that match the fire theme.

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New Skins: In the gameplay of PUBG Season 5, there are new skins for Guns. It can be Black and White Dragon Skin for Kar98k. Apart from this there may be a gold skin for AKM and UMP. Ice cream trucks for Volkswagen van and Dacia can have a skin like Mad-Max.

New weapons: PUBG can not be completed without weapons. There is hope for more weapons in the new season. In the new season can come G36C Submachinegun and PP-19 Bizon SMG. Apart from this, it is also expected to launch the new MK47 Assault Rifle.

In addition to the above information above in PUBG’s season 5 there will be a lot to see something new. Some new exciting features, including Death Cem Feature, Royale Near Rewards, will be seen in this new season.

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