Priyanka chopras bridal shower look was-worth rupees 9.5 crore

Former Miss World, Bollywood and Hollywood star Priyanka Chopra’s Bridal Shower In such a way, his fiance wants to know how much Priyanka Chopra’s Bridal shower look was at last. Now some media reports have made several claims about their dress and jewelery.

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The report of Com says that Priyanka wore a Marchea dress in her bridal shower and a million dollar jewelery of Tiffany & Company. Now, according to this, the jewelery worn by Priyanka, is worth about $ 1 million and she wore her engagement ring apart from NeckPace, which is worth about two million. According to this, Priyanka used to wear two ornaments in her bridal shower, her total price is being estimated at around 9.5 million.

If one talks about his dress, according to a report of Hindustan Times, Priyanka had dressed Marchisa, worth Rs 4.4 lakh.

This Bridal Shower Party for Priyanka was organized by their close friend, Mubina and Anjula. Priyanka’s friends and many stars in Hollywood attended this celebration. Priyanka Chopra’s most prominent people were present in this celebration. Here the Desi Girl looks very happy with her girlfriend. Along with this, Priyanka’s Bridal Shower included her sister-in-law Danielle Jonas and her daughter Elina.

There is no official announcement about when marriage will happen, but there are reports that in December next year, it will be married to actress Nick Jonas.


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