Ranbir Kapoor Sanju Film Box Office Collection Day 19

Ranbir Kapoor’s 19th day of ‘Sanju’ is still on the box office. This film is going to be taking place in the fourth week of release soon. In such a way, the pace of earnings has come down, but there is a decrease in the wage day but still slow but the collection is still in progress. The film has broken many records since the first day till now.

Ranbir Kapoor Sanju Film Box Office Collection Day 19
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‘Sanju”s continuous box office release can make trouble for upcoming films. At present, the box office ‘Sanju’ was hit by ‘Soorma’, and ‘Dhadak’ brakes can definitely be done at the speed of ‘Sanju’ two days later. The reason for which is the advance booking of ‘Dhadak’ film which has started.

Talking about the collection of ‘Sanju’, its first week’s earnings of Rs 202.51 crore, the second week’s earnings of Rs 92.67 crore and the third week’s earnings so far stood at 316.64 crore. On the other hand, after the collection of Monday and Tuesday, the total figure of ‘Sanju’ has reached around 322.1. At the moment, it will be interesting to see that like ‘Sanju’ of Ranbir, ‘Dhadak’ will also be able to strengthen its hold on the box office or not.

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Speaking of ‘Sanju’, ‘Sanju’ has become the first blockbuster movie of Ranbir’s career after touching the magical figure of 300 crore. The budget of ‘Sanju’, directed by Rajkumar Hirani, is Rs 100 crore. However, the movie got good response from audiences and critics. ‘Sanju’ has earned more than 500 crores at the World Wide Box Office.

Having crossed the 300-crore mark in just 16 days, Ranbir has made the journey ahead of the rest of the films difficult. It was not a big deal for him to play at such a long innings at the box office if he saw the beginning of Sanju’s earning figures. Since the beginning, the film has broken several records by earning many takers which will result in joining the club of 300 crore.

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