Hina Khan Music Video Bhasoodi Launched With Singer Sonu Thukral

100 mein tujse anda milega

mere baal dekh tane ganja milega

mein kareena kapoor jaisi dhundhuga par

tane swami om jaisa banda milega

Hina Khan Music Video Bhasoodi Launched With Singer Sonu Thukral
© Amar Ujala

Hena Khan’s first music video ‘Bhasoodi’ has been launched. Swami Om, who was a participant in the controversial reality show “Big Boss”, is making a joke in the song.

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Hina Khan’s ‘Bhasoodi’ is sung by Sonu Thukral. At the same time, Patshah has wrapped up. The video of the song shows the story of a girl who lays two or two boys together, takes expensive gifts from them, but when she got an opportunity, she ran away with a rich man. That is the reason why the girl’s boyfriend gives her a curse that she will get a life partner like Swami Om!

How did the TV’s ideal daughter-in-law get the ‘current’ girl’s roll?

Hina Khan played the character role of TV’s Adarsh ​​Bahu ‘Akshara’ for eight years. But in ‘Bhasoodi’ she appeared in the character of a girl who is not quite honest with the relationship. After all, how did the music video makers give this to Hina?

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Singer Sonu Thukral said that Hina Khan got this job because of ‘Big Boss-11’. He said, “When the song shoot was underway, the look of his producers went to Hina Khan, who was seen in ‘Bigg Boss’ on those days.’ The singer said that seeing the bold and stylish embodiment of Hina Khan in the show, their team was so impressed by her that they decided that she would be approached as soon as the show was over.

Too much Bhasoodi at the time of shooting

Hina Khan shot ‘Bhasoodi’ in Patiala in Punjab. She told that during the shoot many times, there was trouble in the work. She said, “On the first day of shooting, I became very furious. Not only this, the rain started, it became so fast that the whole set had to be shifted to another place.

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Such was the name of ‘Bhasoodi’

The word ‘mischief’ is used mostly in northern India, especially in Punjab and Delhi. People use this word when the work gets deteriorated or trapped. When singer Sonu Thakral was asked why he named his album Bhasoodi, he shared an anecdote. He said, “When I was writing a song, there was no punch line. Only then did I get out of my mouth. The singer told that then he came to mind that he should prepare his own song around the same word.

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