FIFA World Cup 2018: Croatia frustrated with VAR, former players fired heavily on penalties

The Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system came under intense scrutiny during the World Cup finals, because with the help of this technique, France got a penalty and managed to make a 2-1 lead on Croatia.

Referee Nestor Pittana spent several minutes in front of the VAR screen and tried to find out that Ivan Porsichich has really handball. The ball was definitely on his hands, but he was very stretched. The ball was going out of the box too.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Croatia frustrated with VAR, former players fired heavily on penalties
© Amar Ujala

While this attempt of the Croatian player was not intentional, Pittana decided that his hand was in an unnatural place and gave the penalty to France. Antoine Greizman scored on this and France made a 2-1 lead before half time.

Football experts like this on the referee:

Many people supported the decision of the Argentinian official, but the leaders of former players, managers and journalists, Barton believes that Nestor made a wrong decision.

Barton, current manager of Fleetwood Town, wrote on twitter: “If you think that this is a penalty then you are either French or you have never played football. This decision could have ruined a great match. How did Parisis get out of there? Hopefully this is not a significant moment.

One TV expert Roy Keane said that this penalty has shocked me. This is a very insulting decision. Former Manchester United captain Roy Keane said, “The decision of this penalty surprised me. The Croatian player deserves good performance from this. I’m very angry. This is a very bad decision. ‘

VAR No, referee should be criticize:

At the same time, Jamie Karagar pointed out that there is no need to criticize the VaR system, but the referee can be criticized, who took this decision. He wrote, ‘The referee’s fault is not VAR! VAR is just a replay of the incident. ‘

However, this match-winning event has not been proved, but many football experts are treating it as a turning point of the match. According to the experts, that goal gave Croatia the courageous start. After this, in the second half, he continued to change his strategy to match, due to which France had easy opportunities to score goals. Between the Croatia and France, it was much more enjoyable to see the collision



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