The big disclosures of the doctor who performed the surgery ‘Dr. Haathi’. He increase the weight due to this fear

In one of the superhit shows of TV, in ‘Tarak Mehta ka Ulta Chashma’, ‘Dr. Haathi is still sad because of the death of actor Akshay Kumar Kumar Azad, who played the role of ‘Hathi’. Now one of his doctors has made such disclosure to him that you will be shocked after knowing. The doctor who had carried out his bariatric surgery years ago, said that Azad did not intentionally want to reduce his obesity.

The big disclosures of the doctor who performed the surgery 'Dr. Haathi'. He increase the weight due to this fear
© Amar Ujala

According to the report of ‘Spotboye’ website, Dr. Lakdawala has said that poet Kumar Azad was afraid that he would not get the job if he lost his weight. The doctor said, ‘I asked him to do bariatric surgery again, then the poet said that he would have to maintain his weight or else he would not be fat on the screen.’

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Dr. Lakdawala said that he was unconscious when shooting eight years ago. They had to keep on the ventilator. Their health worsened due to obesity. At that time, his weight was 265 kilograms. Doctors had to undergo surgery. After the operation, he weighed 140 kilograms. After that he returned to work again.

The doctor told that he had also advised the actor to re-arrange bariatric surgery. But he never came back. The doctor said, “We advised them to undergo surgery again after which they would lose weight up to 90 kilograms. We also said that he can also look fat on the screen with the help of padding, but he would say that it will not see his face thicker. ‘

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Doctors warned Kavi Kumar Azad that even if he did not lose weight, he could have died. Despite surgery, the actor had increased his 20 kg weight. It is worth noting that because of the heart attack on July 9, actor Kumar Kumar Azad died.

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