FIFA World Cup 2081: Piegon Will Predict The Winner

There is a long-standing ground in front of the famous Hermitage Museum of St. Peters, where the gathering of a thousand-five hundred at a time is a common practice. It was sitting here on a bench that two obese pigeons came and sat down. It is common for London to be like this, but it was a little strange to see this for the first time.

FIFA World Cup 2081: Piegon Will Predict The Winner
© Amar Ujala

In a short while, a boy came, he whistled and sat on his shoulders and head while flying both pigeons. Talking to the boys, that is, Masha said, ‘These pigeons only run his house. It gets good earnings on Saturdays and there is more crowd. ‘ If you did not understand the earnings from pigeon, he said, ‘you should see yourself.’

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In a short while a young couple came and the pigeons captured their heads and shoulders. They were Japanese and they started enjoying it. Chasing the spot, Masha raised both the pigeons and caught them in their hands and said, ‘Whatever you wish … ask for it. If the dove flies, then the pura will be fulfilled. ‘

Now the Japanese couple was trapped in the pigeon’s trap, but they started enjoying it. They were taking photos off the way, and were taking off. In all this, about ten minutes of masha and pigeons were spent and Masha jerked the whole five hundred rubles from that couple.

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Masha said, ‘With hundreds of hundred rubles, pigeons have taken photographs with pigeons and they have taken photographs, they have taken two hundred and a half hundred and asked them any desire or wish, then a lump sum five hundred rubles. Pigeons do not say anything, but Masha responds on their behalf that they will get married … whether it will go a long way or what team is going to win in the final of the football.

When the World Cup began, people had the attention of football, then we started to prophesy through pigeons. At that time, the time actually fell short. Everyone was betting on their team’s victory … and what was going on in us. They were raising their team. Here are people coming to know the results. One of the two pigeons has to be selected in both hands. The first team will win, the same team will win.

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Have you seen any match? ‘ Asked, Masha said, ‘It was our World Cup, it was time for business. Can not even go one day. Because, it is only a month, with earnings, to spend the whole year. ‘ The Masha saying, began to gnaw his pigeons … in search of a new customer!

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