Several years later, Gauri Khan allowed Shahrukh to do the work, King Khan tweeted happiness

If you talk about the most beloved couple in Bollywood, then the name of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan goes a long way. Both have been together for 27 years and people like this sweet couple still love it. Both of them fought with their family for love, and finally the family had to bow before their love, and in 1991 they became one for each other for seven births.

After marriage, these couple pictures are rarely seen together. Recently, Shahrukh has shared a photo on his Instagram, in which he is seen taking selfies with Gauri Khan. Sharing the photo, Shahrukh wrote, “After years, the wife has allowed me to upload photos taken by me.

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It is clear from the caption of the picture that Gauri does not give permission to upload Shahrukh Khan’s photo taken. Now there is no special thing in this photo, since finally Gauri Khan has allowed Shahrukh to upload the photo.

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Shahrukh is spending his holidays in Europe with his family these days. Recently the bikini photo of Shah Rukh’s daughter Suhana was revealed. Suhana was trolled quite a bit on Bikini photos.

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