FIFA World Cup 2018: The Kick of Ivan Rakitich, which broke Russia’s dream

Croatia defeated Russia 2-2 (4-3) in a penalty shootout in the exciting quarter-finals on Saturday and enter the semifinals of the FIFA World Cup 2018. Now he will face England on Wednesday, who easily beat Sweden 2-0 in the third quarterfinals.

FIFA World Cup 2018: The Kick of Ivan Rakitich, which broke Russia's dream
© Amar Ujala

The match played between the Croatia and Russia at the Fishst Stadium was equal to 2-2 at the end of the extra time. It is worth mentioning that for full-time i.e. 90 minutes, both the teams had a score of 1-1. After this, within half an hour of extra time, both teams scored one goal each and leveled the scores 2-2. Then the result of the match with penalty shootout turned out.

FIFA World Cup 2018: RUSSIA vs CROATIA, Half Time, Cherishchev-Kramerich became Hero, Russia and Croatia score at 1-1

Nonetheless, this fight did not last for any drama for Croatia. The Croatia team was upset with the fitness of its players. Three of his players were injured. Goalkeeper Subasaich has had a problem of hamstrings. Apart from this, Versalzco and now the Mandogic also struggled for fitness. Versailles changed, but the other two continued the struggle.

Russia took the first shot in the penalty shootout. There is a shameful record in the World Cup that 6 teams are defeated during the first penalty shot. This is what happened to Russia. Well, another fact is that in the match that Kremlich scored the first goal for Croatia, the winning team definitely wins. Both of these facts went against Russia. The first shoot of the penalty shootout came from the host’s team Smolov. He got a lot of kick but Subba Singh, who was suffering from injury, has done a great defense with the left hand.

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After this, Marcelo Brosovitch came from Croatia for the first shot. They pierced the ball into the lattice and made Croatia 1-0 ahead. After this, Allen Zagoyev of Russia came and scored the score to 1-1. Then came the new twist in the story. Matio Kovaschich, who came with the second shot for Croatia, got a kick, but Russian goalkeeper Akinfiev did the best job. Now after two shots, the score of both teams has been equal to 1-1. The fad’s beats were clearly visible.

Mario, who scored the second goal for Russia, came for a third shot. They were expected to score a fancy goal. But he looked very haste and deposited a bad kick and sent the ball to the right and out of the box. Russia’s team bad got worse He had realized that this was a big mistake. However, Fans retained the spirit and continued the encouragement of his team. Now the turn was from Croatia. Team star Luca Modric came to shoot He easily scored and gave Croatia a 2-1 lead.

© Amar Ujala

Russia’s fourth shoot came from Sergey Ignacio. He scored and scored the score equals 2-2. After scoring the second goal for Croatia, the star made Domesgos Vida also scored the goal and gave the team a 3-2 lead. The fifth and final shoot from Russia came with Daleen Kuyiyyu. They scored the scores by 3-3. Now everyone’s eyes were stuck on Ivan Rakitich. Fans of Russia were praying that this should not be the goal, while the only hope for the Croatian fences became the Rakitig. Pressure on the face of Barcelona’s player was clear.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Host Russia and Croatia ready to create history, Match started

If this was not a goal then the penalty shootout round would go ahead. If this goal is scored, then Croatia’s team will make history. Between this thinking, Rakitih lost his patience and broke the heart of the Russian fence by sending the ball on the right and into the lattice. Croatia got their name from penalty shootout 4-3. The tears in the eyes of the Russian fiance were witness to the fact that the kick of Rakitich broke their heart. However, Russia played very well throughout the tournament and is hopeful that the team will be honored outside.

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