FIFA World Cup 2018: Semifinal fixtures

Every year in the history of 88 years of FIFA World Cup, the title of the title has been between Latin American and European teams. But in the last few years, European countries have left the impression of world domination, putting the artistic and aggressive football of Latin American countries in the stands. This is the fifth time in the history of the World Cup when four European teams have made it to the semi-finals.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Semifinal fixtures
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Each time with Latin American teams this misfortune has been repeated in European countries. The Latin American countries have been in the hands of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. These three teams have been the winners, sub-winners and semi-finals in the World Cup.

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However, this time, due to Lionel Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez, it was believed that these three countries will leave their mark in the World Cup, nor do these three move, nor their country. No Latin American country has won the World Cup since 2002. Last time the title was won by Brazil.

These four teams have been reached for the semi-finals:

On July 10, the first semi-final between France and Belgium will be played from 11.30 pm Indian time.

On July 11, the second semi-final between England and Croatia will be played from 11:00 pm Indian time.

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Why Russia’s World Cup has become very special for European countries

The influence of Latin America was from 1986 to 2002. Brazil and Argentina are living during this time. For 16 years, the two countries continued to make their place in the final of the World Cup. Here in the five World Cup Brazil, Argentina won three titles.

At the same time, the European countries will have the chance for the first time in the history of World Cup, they will hold the title for the fourth consecutive time. In the year 2006, 2010 and 2014, the European country won the title of World Cup, and this time the trophy will be in his hands.

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Special data, which you should know

– For 60 years Latin America has not won the World Cup in Europe.

– 1934, 1966, 1982, 2006 and 2018 were the occasions when all European countries reached the World Cup semi-finals. All these World Cups were also held in European countries.

– In 2002, Brazil won the World Cup title. He is the last team to win the World Cup title in Latin America.

– The last time World Cup held in Sweden in 1958 in Great Britain was won by Brazil. It was Brazil’s first world title. After that Brazil won all their world titles in 1962 Chile, 1970 Mexico, 1994 America and 2002 Korea-Japan.

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– In 1978 Argentina won the World Cup in Mexico and in Mexico in 1986.

– In 1930, Uruguay won the World Cup in Brazil in their country and 1950.

– 9 total titles are won by the Latin American teams.

Brazil is the only country to play all 21 World Cups. The special thing is that Brazil never came out in the first round of the World Cup.

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