FIFA World Cup 2018: Croatia enters semi-finals after 20 years, Russia’s dream breaks

Croatia made history by defeating hosts Russia 4-3 in the penalty shootout in the FIFA World Cup 2018 quarterfinals on Saturday. Croatia entered the semi-finals of the World Cup after 20 years and now he will compete against England on Wednesday. Before the penalty shootout, the score of both teams was equal to 2-2.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Croatia enters semi-finals after 20 years, Russia's dream breaks
© Amar Ujala

Russia scored the first goal in the match. Dennis Cherishev scored the goal in the 31st minute to give the hosts a 1-0 lead. After that, Croatia scored the score of 1-1 in the 39th minute, thanks to the Kramerich’s goal. Both teams tried hard to score after this, but the score was up to 1-1 at full time.

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After this, the match went in extra time and Croatia scored the semi-final door. In the 101st minute, Domagoge Vida scored a header through the header and gave Croatia a 2-1 lead. Russia was encouraged by the supporters of its fans, whose effect was seen in the 115th minute when Mario Fernandes scored a goal and leveled the score 2-2. Maria became the 14th player in the world, who scored the goal of the World Cup and opened the account of her international goal.

However, the amount of praise to be done in this match is so low. This match was no less than a drama. The Croatia team was upset with the fitness of their players in the match. At one time he played with 10 players. But his intentions were clear He wanted to reach the semi-finals. Not that Russia did not push. The host team kept flowing at the end of the extra time and kept hopes of reaching the semi-finals.

FIFA World Cup 2018: RUSSIA vs CROATIA, Half Time, Cherishchev-Kramerich became Hero, Russia and Croatia score at 1-1

The decision came in the penalty shootout and Croatia continued to win the semi-finals by winning the second knockout match penalty shootout. Ivan Rakitich was the hero of Croatia’s victory He took the last shoot of the penalty shootout and transformed it into a goal stamping Croatia’s victory.

The advent of the penalty shootout was as follows:

– Croatia became the second team to win two consecutive knockout match penalty shootout after Argentina in 1990. Argentina then won the match against Yugoslavia and Italy. At the same time, Croatia defeated Russia and Denmark.

Smolov had miss fine penalty due to Subasich’s excellent defense.

Marcelo Brosovitch scored the goal, Croatia 1-0 ahead.

Alan Zagiveva scored the goal, Russia equalized 1-1.

Mattio Kovasichi’s penalties stopped by the nonconventional. Score 1-1 equal to

Mario Fernandes played the hasty and bad shot shown. Score is equal to 1-1

Luka Modric scored the goal and Croatia 2-1 ahead.

Sergiy Ignaciich scored the goal for Russia and scored a score of 2-2.

Domigos Vida also did the goal. Croatia’s 3-2 lead on

Dallan Kaviyyiva scored the goal and scored 3-3 for Russia.

Ivan Rakitich defeated Russia 4-3 in the Daga round and penalty shootout.

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