FIFA World Cup 2018: Brazil lost against Belgium, Neymar’s team surrounded by criticism

After losing in the World Cup quarter-finals, the whole Brazil has become impatient. On Friday, Belgium were out in the quarterfinals with a 1-2 defeat and five-time champions in the title race. Fans have expressed their anger on the social media and have questioned the coach Tite’s strategy.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Brazil lost against Belgium, Neymar's team surrounded by criticism
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Neymar, Gabriel Jesus and the self-proclaimed goalkeeper Fernandinho are getting criticized. Questions are being raised on unnecessary dribbling Four years ago when Brazil lost 1-7 to Germany in the semi-final, then the Brazilian media had described it as a historic and embarrassing defeat. This time, some major titles are like beat and beat and then disappointment.


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Brazil’s record of breaking the dream of winning the sixth world cup, while the Belgium team managed to reach the semi-finals after 32 years. Belgium will face France in the semi-finals, which defeated Uruguay 2-0.

In the last World Cup, Superstar Neemar was injured in his hosting and losing the Brazil title with a humiliating defeat from Germany in the semi-final. This time his claim was believed to be strong, but the neighboring Latin American countries, with Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia, departed before the team.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Semifinal fixtures

The Brazilian team was not defeated by the last 15 matches in Tiete’s tenure. During this time the team had only three goals In the first half, the team’s destiny was fixed in 31 minutes when Fernandinho scored a suicidal goal in the 13th minute and after that Kevin Di Bruyn scored the goal and made Belgium 2-0 ahead. However, Brazil did it with the help of a goal Agosto but in the last minute, despite strong efforts, the defeat could not be avoided.

Coach Titie puts a hold on his future

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After being out of Brazil’s World Cup, there is a question of the future of coach Tate. Titu is not criticizing anybody about the defeat, but he has also taken silence about his future.

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The 56-year-old Tette admitted that it was a bitter defeat, but dismissed suggestions that she should resign. I would not like to discuss anything about my future. I will assess my campaign and the defeat of this match but I would not like to comment on any individual.

– Brazil’s team during the tenure of CoachTitie

– Brazil has lost in the World Cup three times in the quarter-finals since becoming the winner in 2002.

Neymar came out of the field crying

© Amar ujala

After defeat against Belgium, Brazilian star Neymar left the ground for tears in the eyes and refused to talk to the media. The striker of Paris St. Germain, who scored a goal in a 2-0 win against Mexico in the last 16 and the other in the second, also striked in the final moments against Belgium, but Belgium’s goalkeeper avoided the danger.

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In the 2014 World Cup, Neymar was injured in the quarter-finals in Colombia in the World Cup and had to come out on the stretcher. After that, he did not play against Germany in the semi-finals and lost 1-7.

This time, before the World Cup, the world’s most expensive player was hit on foot and he had to rest for three months. Even after winning against Costa Rica he was crying, which analysts counted as his weakness. In the match against Mexico, he was criticized by the fact that after falling into the ground, he would react like an unbearable pain.

– Neymar, now 26 years old and in 2022 in Qatar, will be 30 years old in the world. So, there is no speculation about his retirement.

This will  be the final World Cup for many stars:

© Amar ujala

After the farewell with the defeat in the World Cup, many Brazilian players remained incomplete in the farewell with the World Cup. It can be the last World Cup for many players. Of the 23 players in the team, nine are above 30 years. 33-year-old defender Miranda does not want to say anything about international career. They say that it is difficult to say something right now. We all are part of a generation of players. I can not say no bye-bye, but I can not say for sure that this would be my last World Cup.

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Pain of loss:

© Amar ujala

In the match we played, we had more control over the ball. We also got opportunities, but as far as the goal is concerned, the Belgian team succeeded in redemption of select opportunities. They did not play much better than us but they are effective – Tite, Brazil coach

This night is terrible for us. It looks very bad, it will not be easy to digest this defeat. I would not say that we were unfortunate because in his team, Kevin de Bruyn, Lukaku, Hejard, Kampani and Cortisius were top level players.- Marcelo

FIFA World Cup 2018: RUSSIA vs CROATIA, Half Time, Cherishchev-Kramerich became Hero, Russia and Croatia score at 1-1

We will have criticisms on our side. You win or lose, this is football, but life will continue to run. We are sad because like every Brazilian we want to win victory. Unfortunately, it did not happen.-Philip Koutinho, Brazil Defender.

Fernandinho become hero:

Brazilian fans have expressed their anger over Fernandinho, who scored a suicide goal from Brazil. Coaches and other players are also being criticized on social media. The reactions of some Twitter users are as follows

– I am very unhappy about Fernandinho. In fact, because of that, the match was lost, but defeat in the World Cup is a lesson.

– It seems that the Brazilian players were just too quick to catch the return flight.

It is said that Neymar is the best, so much talk about Neymar

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