FIFA World Cup 2018: Russia vs Croatia match preview

Croatia made the World Cup in 1998 as an independent nation. Twenty years later, there is a chance to repeat history by reaching the semi-finals. In the quarter-finals, he is on Saturday with host Russia. Jalatko Delik’s team defeated Maradona’s Argentina in the group stage, and showed that it is not a team under the pressure of big names or teams.

Russia vs Croatia match preview
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In the final 16, Croatia defeated Denmark in penalty shootout. After that the morale of the team is quite high. Any team that has Luka Moderik level player and Ivan Reykjkik and Moria are indispensable, the team can dream. Real Madrid are one of the best midfielders of the tournament. In the team of Delic, 16 players play in five major leagues of Europe. Goalkeeper Danilal Subasik, who played for Monaco, had saved three penalties against Denmark.

Ente Rebekic scored two goals for the French champion Bayern Munich for the French champions in the German Cup final. Coach Delic has brought the 24-year-old winger to the team. In the tenure of coach Delik last year, the team qualified for the World Cup. Despite obstacles from the events outside the field, the team has moved forward. AC Milan striker Nicola Calinic was sent home after allegedly being denied a match against Nigeria on the match.

-03: There are times in between the two teams in which two matches were rounded while Croatia won 3-1 in 2015.
-02: Bar World Cup quarter-finals have reached Croatia

Croatia is losing to the host

The team has some wonderful memories of 1998, when they last reached the quarter-finals, defeating Germany 3-0. Then the team lost to hosts France in the semi-finals. Four years ago Croatia had to face defeat against other host Brazil. Again the challenge of the host team in front of him. The population of Croatia is just 43 million and in front of it is the population of 14 million, which is Russia, which is the largest country according to area. Despite being a small country, Croatia has no confidence in herself.

We have shown in this World Cup that we have a right to great expectations. We are playing really well. We have players who take the team to the finals – Domagoy Vida, Defender Croatia

Russia has proven hidden

Host Russia is the lowest ranking team in the World Cup on its own. Neither in the home nor outside the football fans had great expectations from Russia but the group cleared the rounds and then made 2010 champion Spain their prey in the shootout. Now, only two wins away from entering the final. This is Russia’s best performance after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Earlier Russia did not move ahead of the group round. The last time the team reached the semi-finals in 1966 was the Soviet team.


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