FIFA World Cup 2018: RUSSIA vs CROATIA, Half Time, Cherishchev-Kramerich became Hero, Russia and Croatia score at 1-1

The FIFA World Cup 2018 quarter-final finals are being played between hosts Russia and Croatia. In this match being played at the Fishst Stadium, Croatia will look after the history after reaching the semifinals twenty years later. Let’s say that he made his debut in the World Cup in 1998 as an independent nation. At the same time, Russia has never been ahead of the group round. The last time the team reached the semi-finals in 1966 was the Soviet team. Let’s say that there are three teams in which both teams were rounded, while Croatia had won 3-1 in 2015.

FIFA World Cup 2018: RUSSIA vs CROATIA, Half Time, Cherishchev-Kramerich became Hero, Russia and Croatia score at 1-1
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Live updates

Half time: Russia 1-1 Croatia

Dennis Cherrieschev scored a goal in the 31st minute from Russia.

On the side of Croatia, Kramerich scored a goal in the 39th minute to score the scores.

Funny Fact: Dennis Cherrieschev scored four goals in the 2018 World Cup. The record for the highest goal in an edition for Russia is Oleg Salenko, who scored 6 goals in 1994. It also includes USSR. It would not be wrong to say Cherishhev as the hero of Russia.

39 minutes: Round !!! Kramerich scored the best goal and Croatia already scored the goal in half. Made a good cross in the air from the left side of the Mandznik and Kramerich easily placed the header because he was coming towards the goalpost running empty. There was no player to mark them. Kremlich became the seventh player to score a goal in the current World Cup for Croatia

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31 minutes: Round !!! Dennis Cherishev scored a magnificent goal. For the first time in his international career he scored a goal from outside the penalty box. Along with the current World Cup, Cherishche scored the fourth goal in his international career.

Dennis Cherishche got the ball from midfield and passed to D-Juba. Striker kept a good hold on the ball and gave it back to midfielder. However, what Cherishche did again was visible. They pulled one leg out and put the kick in the top corner of the Croatian goalpost by putting a kick off the second of 25 yards. There is no chance to stop the ball near Croatia’s goalkeeper Dennigus Subascic. The fancy of Russia’s fierce enthusiasm.

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24 minutes: Croatia have so far retained 64 percent of the ball while Russia’s ball occupies 36 percent. Will Croatia’s team cross the host team in the World Cup?

18 minutes: Russia made an opportunity to score goals in the air, but this attempt failed completely. Both teams are competing with speed much faster than before.

16 minutes: Croatia’s Ivan Rakitich missed a chance to score a free kick. He got very good kick, but the ball went from the top of the goalpost.

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15 minutes: Both teams are not able to make an opportunity. But Croatia’s ball looks more captive. Russian coaches are not happy.

13 minutes: chance for Russia to score By entering Croatia’s D, Russia made a great opportunity. Good cross from right side, but the striker could not get the header better. Russia lost the chance to score goals

7 minutes: chance near Croatia The Croatian team made a swift reversal. Ente Rebecc won the corner for his team. On the corner, Dejan Lovren went to the header and the ball went over the goalpost.

5 minutes: Russia receives heavy domestic support It is also benefitting from the team, which is very strong. Alexander Golovin passed to De Juba, who was defended.

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National anthem of both teams has been completed and now the exciting encounter is going to start.

Teams are:

Russia: Akinfiv, Fernández, Kutepov, Ignaçovich, Kudryshov, Cherishchev, Kujiyav, Joabinin, Golovin, Sedemov, Djuga.

Croatia: Subascic, Versalico, Sturinic, Lorraine, Vida, Rakitic, Modric, Parisic, Cramatic, Mandatory, Rebecc.

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