FIFA World Cup 2018: Host Russia and Croatia ready to create history, Match started

The FIFA World Cup 2018 quarter-final finals are being played between hosts Russia and Croatia. In this match being played at the Fishst Stadium, Croatia will look after the history after reaching the semifinals twenty years later. Let’s say that he made his debut in the World Cup in 1998 as an independent nation. At the same time, Russia has never been ahead of the group round. The last time the team reached the semi-finals in 1966 was the Soviet team. There are three matches in which both teams were rounded, while Croatia had won 3-1 in 2015.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Host Russia and Croatia ready to create history, Match started

© Amar Ujala

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Live updates

National anthem of both teams has been completed and now the exciting encounter is going to start.

The two teams are:

Russia: Akinfiv, Fernández, Kutepov, Ignaçovich, Kudryshov, Cherishchev, Kujiyav, Joabinin, Golovin, Sedemov, Djuga.

Croatia: Subascic, Versalico, Sturinic, Lorraine, Vida, Rakitic, Modric, Parisic, Cramatic, Mandatory, Rebecc.

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