FIFA World Cup 2018: Five-time world champion Brazil out of World Cup, Belgium outclassed 2-1

Belgium defeated world champion five times world champion Brazil on Friday and confirmed their place in FIFA World Cup 2018 semi-finals. Belgian defeated Brazil 2-1 in the quarter-finals to play in the Kazan Arena Stadium.

Five-time world champion Brazil out of World Cup, Belgian outclassed 2-1

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With this, the five-time world champion Brazil was eliminated from the FIFA World Cup 2018, while Belgium came to this position after 32 years in semi-finals. Prior to that, in 1986, they quarterfinal had reached, but with the 0-2 loss to the veteran Maradona team, their journey stopped.

Brazil’s suicide goal came in the 13th minute. When Belgium got the advantage, while Kevin de Bruyn scored a brilliant goal in the 31st minute and gave Belgium 2-0 lead. At the same time, Agosto scored in the 76th minute through the Brazilian side to make the difference 1-2.

Belgium has confirmed its place in the semi-finals. Belgium will now face France in the semi-finals.

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Brazil took the first blow as a suicide goal, which benefited Belgium very much. On the corner of Belgium, Brazilian player Fernandina, got ball into his hands which went into his own goalpost. Goalkeeper Alison could not even stop it. In fact, the Kevin de Bruyn, hit the ball to goal post but the ball hit Fernandinho and went into the goalpost. At the same time, Brazil was shocked by a suicide goal, while Belgium gained 1-0.

In the 31st minute of the first half, Belgium scored another magnificent goal to lead 2-0. Kevin de Bruyn scored the goal in the 31st minute. Along with this, the first half game ended with a 2-0 lead. In the second half, Brazil scored goal in the 76th minute through Augusto, by a brilliant header. After this, Belgium did not give Brazil a chance to make the round and prevented them from again becoming the world champion for the sixth time in the record.

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FIFA World Cup 2018: Five-time world champion Brazil out of World Cup, Belgium outclassed 2-1

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