FIFA World Cup 2018: England vs Sweden quarter final match preview

When England and Sweden collide in the third quarter-finals of the World Cup, then yag jung will have to regain prestige in the football world. At stake will be the honor of reaching the semi-finals of the World Cup that England had won 28 years ago.

England vs Sweden quarter final match preview

© Amar Ujala

England also has the opportunity to repeat the history of 1966 and Sweden in 1958. These two teams reached the World Cup final in these years. Where the Captain is a player like Harry Kane as Captain and Stryker, the strength of Sweden is his teamwork.

England’s challenge is slow and boring Swedish football

England’s biggest challenge will be to tackle Sweden’s slow and boring soccer. Sweden’s power is strong in its defense. Goalkeeper Robin Olsen has given clean sheet against Korea, Mexico and Switzerland. However, Greyhound Southgate has a strong forward in the form of Harry Kane, Lingard and Tipiere.

Sweden’s captain Grankue has done a great job in defense so far. He has been holding the defense of Sweden like the fort. Against England, he will come with nine happiness on Saturday. When he was busy preparing for the match, his wife gave birth to his daughter on Friday.


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