New twist will come in ‘Nagin 3’, which will open big mystery

Colors TV’s famous serial ‘Naagin’ is the most watched show with the return of season 3. Serial makers are getting big success in TRP rentals and it has been consistently topped since the start of the new season. Although there was some doubt about the success of the serial due to the change in the new season, now Anita Hansanani and Karisma Tanna have proven all the speculations with their characters.

Recently, Bela was in the form of  naagin which was a big surprise for the fans. Earlier, in the show, Jyothi was shown to be the naagin of the queen, while Anita was seen playing her friend, Vish. It was also shown that both of these were on the mission of taking revenge from Meher.

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Simultaneously, it was also known from the story of the serial that the secret of all these has been hidden so far. But now with the new twist in the serial, Mehr’s sister told the family that there is a threat to her life from Bela.

It is also claimed in the reports that both Bella and vish will begin to love Mehr. However, Mehar does not know that she was also a naagin in the previous birth. But in some way Bella and Vish will soon realize this.

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