FIFA World Cup 2018: Ronaldo can say goodbye to Real Madrid, ready to join Juventus

Spanish club Real Madrid’s striker Cristiano Ronaldo can now leave his club and play for Italy’s club Juventus. According to the BBC’s report, Juventus is considering the 100 million euro offer to Ronaldo. Ronaldo has scored the most 451 goals for his club so far. In addition, he won the fifth Champions League title with Madrid in May.

Ronaldo can say goodbye to Real Madrid, ready to join Juventus
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At the same time, according to the report of, Luciano Mogi, former CEO of Juventus, thinks that Ronaldo has tied up with the Serie-A winner, and a Portuguese player have taken medical test in Munich crossed the club’s.

Mogi also believed that when he used to be the CEO of Juventus, he tried to connect Ronaldo with the club. He said, “I feel like talking to important people.”

If the five-time Belan De Or Prize winner Ronaldo agrees with Juventus in 10 million Euros, then this will be the biggest deal for Juventus. The club had previously signed a deal with Argentine forward Forward Gonzalo Higuain in 2016, with nine million Euros. Apart from this, it will be more than the amount given by Real Madrid to Manchester United. Real Madrid bought Ronaldo from Manchester United for eight million Euros in 2009.

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There is news in the media that Ronaldo is not happy with his club. Earlier, Ronaldo has announced on several occasions that he wants to leave the club. After winning the champions league title, Ronaldo had said that playing for Real Madrid was fantastic for him.

Although Juventus and Real Madrid have not given any official answer on the deal. Portugal football team captain Ronaldo had hat-trick in the FIFA World Cup in Russia but despite this, the team had to get out of the tournament.

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