FIFA World Cup 2018: France vs Uruguay today, battle between Mbappe and Suarez

The World Cup quarter-finals match between France and Uruguay on Friday is being seen as a collision between the French goal-line 19-year-old Kauylian Mbappe and Uruguay’s defense. Not only this, the fashions of the fans will also be hampered in the match between Mbappe and Luis Suarez.

France vs Uruguay today, battle between Mbappe and Suarez
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The real strength of Uruguay is the strong defiance of four players, which would be a big challenge for the break-up. Uruguay, however, has won the title of his strong defense in every match so far. Uruguay striker Edison Kawney struggles with fitness issues, plays with a maturity in PSG.

Similarly Superstar Uruguay’s Suarez and French defender Samuel Umeite are partners in Barcelona. Suarez is among the most dangerous players of the box. Under the leadership of captain Diego Godin, Uruguay’s defence of Jose Jiménez, Martín Conceres and Diego Laxat, has been the best in this World Cup so far, and the credit goes to goalkeeper Fernando Mussello.

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Uruguay did not lose a single goal in the group stage. Pepe of Portugal made the only goal in the last 16, but could not win the team. Apart from Uruguay, only Brazil’s team is so far, who has eaten the same goal. At the same time, the French team has lost four goals. Both have scored 7-7 goals so far. The Uruguay Defenders, together with 350 international matches experience, will not be as easy as the way for the midfielder, as opposed to Argentina.

The axles of France’s invasion will be Mbappe and Antoine Greizman. Stryker Mabpe of Paris St Germain scored two goals in the last 16 wins against Argentina.

Two goals have been scored by Luis Suarez of Uruguay in his four matches of this World Cup. There is good duet with Kawani.

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