FIFA World Cup 2018: France beat Uruguay 2-0 to reach the semi-finals created by France

In the FIFA World Cup 2018, France became the first team to reach in the semi-finals by defeating Uruguay 2-0. This is the first time after 2006 that France has managed to reach the semi-finals.

France beat Uruguay 2-0 to reach the semi-finals created by France
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Even before the start of the match, it was expected that the match would be between the defense of the two teams. Although the French team proved to be slightly better than Uruguay, and the win came in his favor, while Uruguay did not get into the match due to injury due of Edison Kawani. The effect was that Luis Suarez was weakened by Uruguay’s defense because of his absence.

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The teams of France and Uruguay did not make much time and the opportunities. To some extent France tried Uruguay’s defense more. The French players were trying to go around the Uruguay circle, but Diego Godin led the defense wall, which was not allowing the opportunity to finish.

France scored in the first half

In the 15th minute, French Keelian Mbpay missed the opportunity to put the ball in net. France also had an opportunity in the 35th minute and this time it was a good thing for Uruguay’s players that were not much closer to the penalty area. Paul Pogba put the ball in the penalty area on the left side but Antoine Greizman and Olivier Jirode were not present to take the ball there.

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Finally, in the 40th-minute Defender Rafael Varnan falsely defended the defense of Uruguay. In this minute France received a free kick which was put in the box by Grizzman. Varan came from the front of Uruguay’s defenders and put the ball in the net through the headers ahead of France 1-0.

Uruguay also got the chance to compete. In the 44th minute came parts of Uruguay Corner. Cakaras placed headers on Torearia’s kick, However, French goalkeeper Hugo Loris snatched this opportunity from Dive Mar Uruguay.

Uruguay could not return in the second half

In the second half, Uruguay’s effort was to comeback. That’s why they made a slight change in his strategy and started attacking. Although the strong defense of France was only issue of Suarez.

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Uruguay’s team was trying to score goals. Meanwhile, the mistake of Uruguay’s goalkeeper Fernando Muslera gave France another goal. Grizzman took a shot from outside the box, which went straight to the hands of Muslera, but his hands flipped and the ball went into the net, and in the 61st minute, the winner of 1998 went ahead 2-0.

It was now necessary for France that they took the time and kept the ball closer to him. France did the same for the last 10 minutes. They did not allow Uruguay to score a single goal, further strengthening his defense.

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