FIFA World Cup 2018: Harry Kane at the forefront of the Golden Boot race

In the FIFA World Cup, England captain Harry Kane is leading the race for the Golden Boot race. Following is Rumelu Lukaku of Belgium making the quarter-finalists behind them. Ken led the team ahead as the captain and scored six goals in three matches. Two rounds have been completed in the tournament and the quarter-finals will start from Thursday. So far Ken is at the forefront with 6 goals in this World Cup.

Harry Kane at the forefront of the Golden Boot race
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After him, Lukaku, who scored four goals in three matches. The team of Lukaku Belgium has also been in place in the last-8 and can give Ken a good match in the Golden Boot race. There are also four goals for Portugal with Lukaku Cristiano Ronaldo, although Ken is not a threat to Ronaldo because his team has played four matches and is out of the tournament.

Host Russia made the place in the last-8, surprised everyone. Two of his players have scored three or more goals in this World Cup. Artem Juba and Dennis Cherishche have scored three or more goals for their team so far in four or four matches.

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At the same time, Keelian Mbappe of France can also give Ken a good fight in this race. He has scored three goals in four matches and has played an important role in reaching his team to the quarter-finals. Apart from Ronaldo, all of Argentina’s legendary Lionel Messi had great expectations, but Messi made just one goal in four matches.

Apart from these, Brazilian legend player Neymar was also considered to be the Golden Boot contender at the beginning of the World Cup, although he has so far managed to score two goals in four games. Brazil have entered the final-8 but there is less chance of Neymar and Ken to overtake them.

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Colombian James Rodriguez, who won the Golden Boot award in the previous World Cup played in Brazil in 2014, could not even open his account in this World Cup. His team was out of the tournament after losing to England in the pre-quarterfinals.

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