Sanju: Vicky Kaushal get special praise from his father Shyam Kaushal

Actor Vicky Kaushal, who plays the role of Sanjay Dutt’s friend Kamlesh in ‘Sanju’, is being highly appreciated for his superb acting. His father and famous stunt director Shyam Kaushal is happy and excited by the acting of Vicky.

Sanju: Vicky Kaushal get special praise from his father Shyam Kaushal
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Shyam Kaushal tweeted on Monday, “God is very kind and I am very happy with the love of Vicky Kaushal in the role of Kamlesh in the movie ‘Sanju’. Thank you, Rajkumar Hirani, for doing this possible. ” Vicky retweeted his father’s post saying, “Papa says …”

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Shortly before, Vicky had shared a picture of the set of “Sanju”, in which his father was also seen with him. In the caption of this picture, he had written, ‘My life is a source of inspiration and strength is my father’.

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You might be surprised at knowing, but Vicky Skills are actually a Star Kid. However, his journey is a bit different than the other star kids. Shyam Kaushal is a well-known action director of Bollywood. Vicky himself once said while talking about his father and his film journey that it took almost 10 years for my father to become an action director from the stuntman. They said, “When I told my father for the first time that I wanted to be an engineer but not an actor, he first questioned me, why? He told me that this will be your own journey. So you decide on your own journey and learn from your own mistakes. ‘

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Today, when Vicky Kaushal got this reaction from his father, it would surely be a very special moment for him. Before that, Vicky Kaushal was seen in the film ‘Razi’ which too collected lots of praise for his work.

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