Heidi Klum poses topless for photoshoot

Model Heidi Klum has made a topless photoshoot with a sensation. By seeing these pictures of this model at the age of 45, you will not be able to believe in his age. These latest photoshoots have appeared, She has given a topless pose. At the same time she has also told that she is very comfortable with her body.

Heidi Klum poses topless for photoshoot
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These models have been topless for the cover of the Ocean Drive magazine. They said that nudity was normal for them during childhood and they feel that there should be no “timeline” to be able to wear or carry a certain thing in life.

The judge of America Got Talent said, “I grew up with my body very comfortable and very freedoms and I do not wear whole clothes during sunbathing.”

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On June 1, Klum said, “I go to Beach in nude, I’m very open, but you can not say about all the Germans. We do not have much money, so we are very camping And my family members choose Nude Camp site, so nudity has become normal for me. ”

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Healthy Klum often posts its hot photos on social media. See here

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