FIFA World Cup 2018: England into quarter finals after penalty shootout

In the last match of the pre-quarterfinal match played at the Spartak Stadium on Tuesday, England defeated Colombia 4-3 in the penalty shoot-out in the quarter-finals of the 21st edition of the FIFA World Cup. In the quarter-finals, he will face Sweden, who on Tuesday defeated Switzerland 1-0 and climbed to the last-eight for the first time since 1994.

FIFA World Cup 2018: England into quarter finals after penalty shootout
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Result came in penalty shootout

England captain Harry kane scored a penalty in the 58th minute and made England 1-0 ahead. It seemed that England would win by this score, but in the 93rd minute, Yerima Meena scored a goal to equalize Columbia. From here the match went on extra time, and in the extra time of 30 minutes, both teams could not score. The result went to the penalty shoot-out where England took the lead in the quarter-finals.

Hero of this match in England was his goalkeeper Jordan Pickford, who stopped the shot of Carlos Barca and gave England victory. Although before Barca, Matayus Urib had lost the ball to the bar for a chance for Colombia. For England, Kane, Marcus Rashford, Karen Trippere and Eric Dyer scored in the penalty shootout while Jordan Henderson missed the penalty. For Colombia, Radmel Falco, Juan Cadrado, Luis Muriel turned the penalty into the goal.

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The goal in the first half was almost the same as the two. The difference was that England looked more at Columbia’s Penalty Area on most occasions and it made more opportunities when Columbia could show its presence within the penalty area. In the first half, Tripere had a lot of trouble with Colombia. They tried very hard to capitalize on the opportunities but could not succeed.

Colombia could not make big chance

In the sixth minute, Ashley Young attempted to turn Corner into the goal, among which Colombian goalkeeper David Ospina came in. Here Tripeir immediately made an opportunity that failed. In the 13th minute, Triprier’s shot was cleared by Columbia’s defense. Three minutes later, Tripeire gave the cross to the captain Harry Kane on which the captain placed the header which went out. In the meantime, Columbia also continued to try. Even after all the efforts, though he could not make a bigger chance, bypassing England’s defense.

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Both teams were unable to score goals after a lot of effort. Meanwhile, England got a free kick from the corner of the box in the 42nd minute, and this time Tripeire’s shot went very close. In the first half, Tripere made opportunities, but Ken, the lingard could not reach the finish. For England though, keeping Calm down the falco in the first half was a big disadvantage.

Ken converted the penalty to the goal

Ken however did not miss the second half and converted the penalty into goal in the 58th minute to give his team 1-0 ahead. England got corners in the 56th minute. Meanwhile, Colombian midfielder Carlos Sanchez dropped Kane into the penalty area. England got penalties here and Sanchez got a yellow card. Ken did not miss the chance and put the ball in the net and pushed his team forward.

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It seemed that England would make it to the quarterfinals of the match winning quarter-finals 1-0. Columbia’s fate and Columbia got a corner in the time of injury and Yeri Meena put the ball in the net through the headers to match the score of 1-1. From here the match went on in extra time and in the penalty shootout and England were successful in winning the penalty shootout for the first time in the World Cup. Before that, he has lost the match three times in the World Cup in a penalty shootout.

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