Instagram update: Now it comes with video chat features, AR camera effects and many more things

Instagram said that they recently made a billion of active users. And it seems like now there is no plan to retreat to Facebook official Instagram. Instagram has recently edited several new features in its app. The social media giant has introduced video oriented platform like Snapchat and FaceTime. This was announced during the Facebook F8 Developer Conference held in May. After IGTV launch, Instagram has also launched a video chat, which includes the explorer tab, channel tops, and new camera effects.

Now it comes with video chat features, AR camera effects and many more things
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Video call option is also included:

To make a video call to Instagram, you will need to go directly to the message. Where you will see an icon of the video call at the top of the message. You can make video calls by clicking on this icon. During the video call, you can minimize it and multitask on the Instagram. Video calls can also be used for group calls. But at a time you can only video call to 4 people.

Instagram said that this feature is absolutely perfect for the group. You can talk to four people simultaneously with four people at the same time. Later we will provide an update linking with more people. At the same time, an option of an active video chat group thread will be given where the camera icon will change to blue color. You need to tap the camera icon to join the chat. There is no permit for video chat.

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If you block someone on Instagram then you will never be able to video chat again. You can also mute your contact with it.

If you talk about the explorer tab, then with this tab you can see several topics together. The company says every day 200 billion people come to Instagram.

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