FIFA World Cup 2018: Today Japan will challenge Belgium’s defense

Japan’s team will enter the pre-quarterfinal match to break the defenses of the strong Belgium team and win the history of their three group matches. Belgium will win the quarter-finals for the third time with victory in the Rostov Arena. Belgium defense defeated teams like Panama, Tunisia and England in their group-level matches. Belgium only scored two goals in a match played against Tunisia, but they scored five goals in this match.

Today Japan will challenge Belgium's defense
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FIFA World Cup 2018: Today Brazil will play against Mexico

The England team, captained by Harry Kane, also did not allow Belgium to score a goal and won 1-0. In such a way, winning against this team, which is aiming at reaching the third quarter finals, will not be less than a major challenge for Japan. The biggest goal for this match for Japan will be to overcome the defenses of Belgium and reach its goal post. Japan defeated Colombia in their group level. Senegal was stopped at the draw and he was defeated by Poland 1-0.

In such a situation, Japan will definitely feel pressured during the match against Belgium. Japan has reached its last-16 stage, not on its own but on the strength of its good fortune.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Croatia reaches quarter-finals, now have to face Russia

The result of the match between Colombia and Senegal, comprising Japan’s group, gave the team of coach Akira Nishino a place in the pre-quarterfinals. Colombia, who had already fallen out of the World Cup, defeated Senegal in the final group match and also put them out.

In such a situation, Japan, who lost their last Group match to Poland, has reached the pre-quarterfinals with good fortune. In such an important match, midfielder Ganki Harguchi, Shinji Kagawa and Takashi Inui will have to work harder to defend Belgium’s defense.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Russia creates a quarter final position through penalty shoot-out by defeating Spain

Belgium, despite being the strongest team in the pre-quarterfinal match, but will not take their Asian rival Japan lightly. This time his goal is to reach the semi-finals and in such a way, he will push Japan’s defense with full force and answer his attack.

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