FIFA World Cup 2018: Star players like Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar can be banned

Group stage competition in the FIFA World Cup 2018 is being played on Russia’s soil has ended and the pre-quarter round is started. The big contenders of winning the World Cup have a long way to go to get the titles. But before that, the suspension of star player has started. These players include Lionel Messi of Argentina, Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal and Neymar of Brazil.

Star players like Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar can be banned
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The rules of the tournament say that if a player is shown two yellow cards before the quarter-finals, he will be suspended for the next match. If the player gets a yellow card in the quarter-finals, then he would be banned on his semi-final play.

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This means that no player would go into the semi-final with a suspension, which would make them out of the final. Some big players are at risk of getting banned in the quarter-finals or semi-finals.

Star players who got yellow card in group stage

Argentina star player Lionel Messi is also included in this list. Messi was shown the Yellow Card in the group stage to waste time in the last minute against Nigeria. Apart from Messi, five Argentine players have got yellow cards.

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If Messi now gets a yellow card against France in the knockout, he may have to sit out against Portugal in the quarter-finals. However, it will happen only when both teams arrive in the next round.

The second name in this list is from Cristiano Ronaldo, a charismatic footballer of Portugal. Ronaldo was given yellow card to elbow the defender of Iran. Although Ronaldo is not the only player in the team, who will be shocked against Uruguay on Saturday, his five teammates have also been booked by the referee in the group stage.

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After Messi and Ronaldo, the Brazilian trio-Neymar, Philip Coutinho and Casimiro are also hanging suspension sword. To avoid the suspension, these players will have to remain alive on July 2 in the knock-out match against Mexico in Samara. Other teams include England’s Kyle Walker and Reuben Lottas, Belgium’s John Vertongan, Thaas Munier and Kevin De Bruyn also need to be cautious. Spanish player Sergio Buchetas has also got a yellow card.

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