FIFA World Cup 2018: Spain in front of Russia for quarter-finals

Host Russia will enter the Luzhniki stadium against Spain, with its strongest team in the pre-quarterfinals of the FIFA World Cup today. The winning team will reach the quarter-finals, while the lost team’s finish will end.

Spain in front of Russia for quarter-finals
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Russia had defeated Saudi Arabia 5-0 in the first match. After that Egypt was defeated too. He had to face defeat against Uruguay in his last group match.

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He would have received a lesson from this defeat and would like to come forward to Spain by improving his mistakes. So far, Russia’s strength has been an offensive lineup in this World Cup, which has scored fine goals. It will be interesting to see how effective the invasion line will be in front of Spain. Russia’s attack is dependent on his star striker Dennis Cherishche, who has scored three goals in this World Cup, while he has assisted one.

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In front of Russia there are defenders like crops that are not easy to distinguish. Russia’s defense also needs to be alert. Uruguay’s attack proved him weak and Spain’s attack is better than Uruguay. The Russia Attacks include names like Diego Costa, Silva, Lucas. Midfielder Andrei Iniesta and Silva can also create problems for Russia.



Goalkeepers: David de Gia, Peppe Rianna, Kepa Arrizeblaga.

Defender: Jordi Alba, Nacho Monriel, Alvaro Odioozola, Nacho Fernández, Dani Carvahal, Gerard Cricke, Sergio Ramos, Sajar Azpilicueta.

Midfielder: Sergio Bucquets, Iso, Thiago Alcantra, David Silva, Andrés Iniesta, Saul Niguage, Koke.

Forward: Marco Asansio, Iago, Diego Costa, Rodigo Moreno, Lukas Vazquez.

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Goalkeeper: Igor Ekinfiev, Vladimir Gabulov, Andrey Lunev

Defender: Vladimir Granate, Ruslan Cambolov, Federico Kudryovo, Ilya Kutepov, Andre Semenov, Igor Smolnikov, Mario Fernández.

Midfielder: Yuri Gajinski, Alexander Golovin, Alan Dzhagov, Yuri Zirkov, Roman Joabin, Dollar Kujiev, Anton Mirancuch, Alexander Smedov, Alexander Card, Dennis Cherishchev.

Forward: Artium Djuba, Alexey Mirnachuk, Fedor Smolov

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